Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Can’t Connect to a PC

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Hello Android users! Here’s a write up about issues encountered by some of you who attempted to connect a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to a PC. The most common is the phone not being recognized by the PC which I have elucidated in detail. If you happen to encounter this problem, here’s the basic thing to do.

  1. Download Smart Switch for Windows. If you have already installed the software and the issue persists, open Smart Switch and tap on the More button at the top right hand side. Look for the Reinstall Device Driver option and select it. Once the process is complete, plug the USB cable into a USB port in your computer that you have not connected previously. Connect the other end of the cable to your phone. The drivers will be installed and should resolve the problem.
  2. Enable USB Debugging. This option is available under the Developer menu. Originally, this menu is hidden so here’s how you can make it visible in order to enable USB debugging. Go to Settings> Device Information. You should see the build number as part of the list. Tap this entry several times in succession to enable the developer menu. A box stating that the developer mode has been enabled should pop up afterwards. You can now go to Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging. Enable it by ticking the checkbox. Your PC should now detect your phone as a storage device instead of a media unit.

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Problem #1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unrecognized by the PC

Hi. By now this problem should be very common for you guys to get asked about but I can’t find any other solutions on the net. I have an S6 Edge that can’t be recognized by the PC or MAC, I’ve tried everything like installing all necessary drivers, smart switch, KIES, different PC’s and MAC, different cables, debugging mode on and off. Nothing worked. I even changed the entire USB dock of the phone thinking it was faulty but it’s still not recognized. By the way, the phone can’t “rapid-charge” both on the old and new USB docks. I’ve tried the same fast charging adapter on another S6 and it worked. My last hope now is the battery. I know it may sound a little bit ridiculous but the battery has been exposed too much in the sun so it bumped up and pushed the back cover of my S6 Edge. I thought maybe somehow it’s because of this incident that the phone is not recognized by the PC and that it couldn’t get to charge rapidly.
Note that I have never connected the phone to a PC nor had a rapid-charging adapter before the battery incident so i couldn’t know if the phone worked on the PC or could rapid charge prior. I’m going to replace the battery in 3 days from the sending date of this email and see what happens but please, if you have a solution just let me know as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Solution: Hello Sidek. It’s possible that the phone’s firmware is not up to date. This will cause connection issues of the device to the PC. Have you tried checking for new updates? You can go to Settings> About Device. The current software version is displayed. It should be displayed as Android™ version 5.1.1, Lollipop (G925AUCU3BOJ7). Make sure it’s the latest. If it’s not, update the device by going to Settings> About Device> Software Updates. If it is, it’s possible that an application or antivirus is blocking the connection. To check if this is the case, we need to boot your phone into Safe Mode. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Turn off the device. Leave it at this state for 5 minutes.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time. Release the Power button once you see the screen lights up but DO NOT release the Volume Down
  3. Continue holding the Volume Down button until you get to the lock screen. You will know if you have successfully booted into Safe Mode if you see a Safe Mode icon at the bottom left of your screen.
  4. Exit Safe Mode by going to the notification panel. Tap the “Turn off Safe Mode” option in order for the device to boot to its normal mode.

Try connecting the device to a PC while on Safe Mode. If it’s still not recognized, a complete device reset maybe needed at this point. To perform a master reset on your phone, follow these steps.

  1. Create a backup copy. This is a must to avoid data loss.
  2. Go to Settings and look for the Backup and reset Select it.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Factory Data Reset.
  4. The on-screen prompts should warn you about data loss. Since backup has been made, confirm that you wish to proceed and press Reset Device.
  5. Wait for it to complete the boot process. Your phone has been restored to factory settings.

Try to connect your phone to the PC again and see if it is detected. If not, call Samsung support for additional assistance or a possible phone replacement.

With the charging issue that you have encountered, I am positive that the battery is the culprit. A bumped up battery is a sign of damage. Hope you have replaced it already. Your phone should charge smoothly with a new one. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not appear on PC

Hello. I have spoken to Samsung and tried using USB debugging mode, safe mode, updating my drivers, updating Windows 10, changing cables, changing ports, deactivating firewalls and anti-viruses and nothing will get my phone to appear on my PC. I just want to access my files so I can put music on my phone but the phone only charges and does not appear as a media device. Any help would be appreciated.Alexis

Solution: Hi Alexis. Perhaps a factory reset may resolve this as everything has been tried out and it was not successful. Have you tested it on a different PC though? See if it is recognized. If not, consider performing a master reset as this may completely resolve the issue. You can follow the steps on the solution stated above for the first problem. If this fails, replacing the unit is the most viable solution. Let us know of the outcome.

Problem #3: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus charging cable unable to fast charge after it was connected to a PC

Hi. I hope this message reaches you in the best of your health. Here’s the thing, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which I bought two weeks ago. Yesterday, I tried to transfer something from my phone to the computer but in doing so, after I put the USB charging wire back into the fast adaptive charger, it won’t fast charge anymore. It simply just said cable charging and it was extremely slow and barely charged. That was then. Now, every time I try to charge it, there is no sign showing that it’s charging at all. The charging cable is connected but it the screen is completely blank. The charging icon won’t show anymore. Please I really need your help. My life is literally based on this phone because this is where I do my school stuff. Thank you.Abyaz

Solution: Hello Abyaz. I’m sorry to hear about your phone. Have you tried using a different USB cable? Perhaps the old one got damaged while it’s connected to the PC. I’m positive it’s not the charging adapter and the battery as I can’t find a reason why it would be affected. Try a new USB cable first and see if it would make a difference. If not, replace the entire charger completely.



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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge my computer won’t recognize it neither does my laptop I tried every method known to man and I Google everything and the phone is also Google.locked So I cannot go into debugging mode I don’t know that’s the problem so if somebody could please get back at me I appreciate it I updated all drivers and still nothing ?

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