One UI 6.1: A Mixed Bag of AI, Gestures, and Battery Woes – Samsung’s Latest Update Decoded

The latest iteration of Samsung’s interface, One UI 6.1, debuted alongside the Galaxy S24 series on January 17, 2024. This fresh update brings a suite of AI-driven enhancements that are tailored specifically for the Galaxy S23, S24, Z5, and the Tab S9 lineup.

Samsung’s One UI 6.1 update has been rolling out to S23 devices this month, bringing a host of new features and changes. However, the update has received mixed reactions from users, with some praising the AI capabilities and others lamenting the loss of customization options.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the key aspects of One UI 6.1 and explore how it impacts the user experience.

S22 Users Await One UI 6.1 Update

Rumors have been swirling about the highly-anticipated One UI 6.1 update for Samsung’s S22 lineup. While the S23 series has already received the update, S22 users are left wondering when their devices will get the new features.

According to some reports, the update is expected to roll out for the S22 series by the end of April or early May.

One user shared their insight: “We are getting one ui 6.1 but without AI features. It’s expected to come at end of April or early May for S22 series.” Another user echoed this sentiment: “I thought we were getting an update for everything else besides the AI.”

While the S22 series may not receive the full suite of AI features found in the S23 lineup, there are still plenty of exciting improvements to look forward to.

These include enhancements to the camera app, new customization options, and performance optimizations.

Battery Life and Performance: Mixed Results

One UI 6.1’s impact on battery life and performance has been a hot topic among S23 users. While some have reported improved smoothness and responsiveness, others have experienced slowdowns and battery drain issues post-update.

Samsung’s community forums have been flooded with users seeking troubleshooting tips and advice. It’s recommended to give the device a few days to settle after the update and to clear the cache partition if issues persist.

Folder Fiasco: One UI 6.1 Changes Default Grid Size

Another change that has caught users off guard in the One UI 6.1 update is the default folder grid size. Previously, folders displayed apps in a 4×4 grid, but the update has changed this to a 3×3 grid.

One user shared their confusion: “Folders show as 4×4 now. Folders in 3×3. I am not certain why this has occurred, but I find it to be unusual and worthy of further investigation.”

Thankfully, there is a solution for those who prefer the 4×4 grid. As another user explained, “If you use Good Lock you can make a full range of sizes for the folders. Base is 3×4 and 4×4. Home Up I believe you can make it different from those two.”

Touchscreen Troubles: One UI 6.1 Update Causes Unresponsive Screens

Perhaps the most alarming issue reported by users after updating to One UI 6.1 is unresponsive touchscreens. Several S23 users have reported that their screens no longer respond to touch input, although the S Pen still works.

An user shared their experience: “After installing version 6.1 (14) on my phone the touch screen is no longer responding to a finger touch but works with the S Pen, how do I fix this?”

Another user echoed this sentiment: “I’m also having the same issue. Any help would be much appreciated.”

While some users have found temporary fixes, such as restarting the device and waiting for apps to optimize, the issue seems to persist for many.

As one user put it, “After hitting the 6.1 update, I’m stuck with the same problem: the touch screen is totally unresponsive. It’s downright disheartening. Can’t believe a brand would drop an update this messed up.”

Samsung has yet to address this issue officially, leaving affected users frustrated and seeking solutions from the community.

Always-On Display: A Step Forward or Backward?

One of the most notable changes in One UI 6.1 is the revamped Always-On Display (AOD).

While the update introduces the ability to add informative widgets, it also limits customization compared to One UI 6.0. Users have reported that the new music widget design feels out of place and less functional.

The loss of features like calendar integration and the ability to change clock colors has left many frustrated. It remains to be seen whether these changes are a downgrade or simply a shift in Samsung’s design philosophy.

Exclusive AI Features: S23 Users’ Gain, Older Models’ Pain

One UI 6.1 brings a suite of AI features exclusively to the S23 lineup, leaving older Galaxy models behind. The generative AI capabilities, such as creating wallpapers and enhancing photos, have been well-received by S23 users.

However, the decision to limit these features to the latest models has drawn criticism from owners of older devices. The update also raises concerns about AI privacy and security, with some users preferring on-device processing over cloud-based solutions.

Samsung has made significant changes to navigation and gestures in One UI 6.1, sparking debate among users. The removal of the popular three-button navigation option has forced users to adapt to gesture-based navigation.

While some argue that this change improves one-handed usability on large phones, others find it cumbersome and unintuitive. Fortunately, third-party solutions like Good Lock modules offer workarounds for those who prefer the old navigation methods.

Samsung’s Update Strategy: Room for Improvement?

The One UI 6.1 update has reignited discussions about Samsung’s approach to software updates. The company has a history of adding new features while removing or breaking existing ones, leaving users frustrated.

Some argue that Samsung is rushing out updates without adequate testing or consideration for user feedback. Compared to other Android skins, such as OnePlus’ OxygenOS or Google’s Pixel UI, Samsung’s One UI updates often feel less polished and cohesive.

The Future of One UI

As Samsung continues to develop One UI, it’s crucial for the company to listen to user feedback and prioritize stability and consistency. The introduction of AI features is a step in the right direction, but it should not come at the cost of basic functionality and customization.

Samsung could also benefit from a more transparent and communicative approach to updates, keeping users informed about planned changes and addressing concerns promptly.

Latest One UI 6.1 Update Issues

One UI 6.1 is a significant update that brings a mix of exciting new features and controversial changes. While the AI capabilities and visual refinements are impressive, the removal of customization options and navigation methods has left many users dissatisfied.

As Samsung moves forward with future One UI updates, it’s essential to strike a balance between innovation and user-centric design. By listening to feedback and prioritizing stability, Samsung can ensure that One UI remains a flagship Android experience.

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