Best Xbox Emulators For Android In 2019

Remember the original Xbox from years and years ago? It seems like the console has faded out of people’s memories as bigger and brighter things take its place, such as the Xbox 360 right after it, followed by the Xbox One, and now, the Xbox One X. But, if you want to still play with

Xbox Console Streaming

Microsoft Announces Xbox Console Streaming for Android

Microsoft today has announced a new feature that will please Android and Xbox gamers. Known as Xbox Console Streaming, this feature allows users with an Android device to stream practically any Xbox One or Xbox 360 game that they play on their Xbox One including Xbox Game Pass titles. Microsoft specifies that this applies to

Xbox One X Monitors

5 Best Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X In 2019

With 40% more power than an average gaming set, Microsoft’s Xbox One X is known as the world’s most powerful gaming set. It provides immersed 4K gaming experience that is impossible with most of the traditional gaming consoles. However, this console needs an equally powerful monitor to deliver this experience. Connecting it to a standard


Microsoft to drop $40,000 patch charge on Xbox 360

It seems Microsoft is preparing to reshape the way indie developers go about patching games on the Xbox 360, previously a patch cost around $40,000 and developers only got one free patch update, to make sure they polished the game to the highest standard. This will apparently be waved as Microsoft looks to help indie

Microsoft Xbox, PC games are coming soon to Android, iOS

Microsoft may offer its Xbox and PC titles to Android and iOS users starting the end of the year, according to a Reuters report. To make this move possible, the Nikkei says that Microsoft has teamed up with Klab, a Japan-based smartphone game company. To start off, Microsoft is supposedly developing an Android and iOS

Xbox Music

Xbox Music redesign revealed alongside new Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft is making a few last minute tweaks ahead of Windows 8.1, but the music app seems to have had the most work done to it. The new Xbox Music interface was revealed in leaked builds of Window 8.1 along with a redesigned Windows Store for app purchasing. Microsoft have put a lot of work

Apple MFi Game Controllers for iOS Hinted at WWDC

Last April, we have reported that Apple is planning to develop its own game controller. Analysts have played down the rumors and Apple refused to comment on the issue. But the recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference finally confirmed that Apple is indeed working on MFi game controllers. Earlier Meetings with Developers In the same report that

Redbox opens Gamerental site, in discussions about Xbox one, PS4

Redbox has launched a site called where gamers can vent their feelings about the next generation of consoles, this information could be very useful for Redbox to provided the best game rental service for next-gen consoles. Redbox and Microsoft are already quite close partners since the Redbox Instant app launched on the Xbox 360

Diablo 3

Diablo III coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 September 3rd

Earlier today Activison Blizzard announced that they have set a release date for the fastest selling PC game of all time Diablo III to make its debut on Xbox and Playstation, the game will be available on September 3rd. The game has been modified so that the controls are suited to the D-pad so that

Darkmatter Xbox Laptop lets you unleash your DIY skills

The Darkmatter Xbox laptop gives users with something that few device makers can offer: the pride of assembling your own device. That said, those who prefer to not go through assembling the Darkmatter may order a pre-assembled device, instead. Created by the  Austin, Texas-based startup Techjango, Darkmatter boasts of being the first open source Xbox laptop


Quantum Break by Remedy Studios revealed at Xbox Event

Remedy Studios, who were in charge of the Alan Wake series, have revealed Quantum Break, set to come exclusively to Xbox One. Microsoft touted Remedy for having incredibly deep set stories that are vital for the Xbox. The trailer has left many Remedy fans confused, the live action parts show some Beyond: Two Souls type


Xbox One revealed: All In One gaming system

Microsoft has finally unveiled the new console and they have named it the Xbox One. The console will be an ‘All In One’ entertainment system, offering games, movies, TV, music and apps. Xbox One will be Microsoft crowning achievement this year, with Windows 8 in the dumps and Office 365 not blasting through the sales.


Sony teases PS4 console ahead of Xbox event

Sony has made a rather blurry teaser video to keep the spirits up before the Xbox event tomorrow, showing the PS4 console at a distance with a sufficient amount of blur and close in capture shots. One thing missing from the Sony PlayStation event was the actual console, the company made a big deal out


IllumiRoom won’t be on show at Xbox event

Sadly, the new project IllumiRoom will not be getting a place at the Xbox event in Redmond, Washington to unveil the Xbox, according to Microsoft Research’s Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones. The team is still very much in the prototype stage with IllumiRoom and is continuing to expands its research and find new scenarios to use

Microsoft Set To Redesign Bing, Skype, And Xbox

Microsoft is reportedly working on rebranding some of its products soon. This was announced at the Design Day 2013 Event in Norway by Windows Phone design studio general manager Albert Shum and Todd Simmons, creative director at Wolff Olins. Both said that Bing, Skype and the Xbox will be getting new logos soon. In their

Xbox Did Not Copy Google Patent, ITC Judge Rules Out

An administrative law judge of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Microsoft Xbox didn’t infringe on a Google Patent held by Motorola Mobility, which is now owned by Google. A report on CNET said that Judge David Shaw reversed his earlier ruling that put a ban on Microsoft’s Xbox from being imported into