Easy Ways To Reboot (Restart) Or Power Down An Xbox One

It’s highly recommended that you reboot (restart) your Xbox One console from time to time to prevent bugs and as a troubleshooting step if an issue occurs. In this guide, we’ll show you the two easy ways to reboot your Xbox One as well as how to shut it down.

Why restart your Xbox console

Computers or any electronics such as your Xbox One console may develop bugs if left running for an extended period. Fortunately, minor bugs are easily cleared by doing a simple step: restart. When you restart your Xbox One console, you are basically refreshing the system. After a reboot, these are the possible situations that can happen:

  • your console’s RAM or memory is flushed, 
  • applications are returned to their working state, 
  • memory leaks are prevented from occuring
  • possible network misconfiguration are reset
  • other bugs are cleared.

Two methods to reboot an Xbox One console

If you are new to Xbox One console, you may not know that you can restart your console either by pressing the Power button, or do it remotely with a controller.

Reboot Xbox One using Power button

The first method requires that you press and release the Xbox button in front of the console. You can then navigate to System>Settings>Restart console>Restart option using your controller once the guide menu shows up on the screen.

Xbox One S Power button

Restart Xbox One on the controller

Time Needed : 1 minutes

This is the easier way as you don’t need to go near the console at all. You simply have to use the controller all the time. However, if for some reason, your Xbox One won’t respond to this method, feel free to restart it using the first method.

  1. Prepare the controller.

    Make sure that your controller is connected to the console.pair controller to Xbox One

  2. Press the Xbox button.

    On your controller, press and hold the button with the Xbox logo until the Power Center shows up on the screen.Xbox One X Controller Xbox logo

  3. Restart console.

    Navigate to Restart console>Restart to restart the console.Restart 2

How to power down your Xbox One console

If your Xbox One console seems to be freezing or not responding and you can’t restart it, you should try to shut it down. There are two ways to shut down the system.

The first one is by pressing and holding the Xbox button in front of the console for about 10 seconds. Doing this will force the console to shut down and eventually turn back on again. If the console is still unresponsive or won’t even shut down, you can force it to power down by disconnecting the power cable from the back. You can also try to troubleshoot the Power Supply Unit by following this guide.

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