How To Fix Xbox One Random Restart Issue | Turns Off Randomly

Although not as widespread as Xbox One won’t-turn-on issue, a random restart problem (console shuts down on its own) affects many users throughout the years. If you have this problem on your own Xbox One, you’ll need to identify the reason for it in order to fix it. This article will walk you through the things you need to do.

Causes why your Xbox One restarts randomly

There are a number of factors that you’ll have to consider in order to fix this problem. If your Xbox One console shuts down on its own and you have no idea why, one of the things below must be the reason.

Console gets too warm.

Your Xbox One console may restart on its own if it’s overheating. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your Xbox is damaged. Overheating can occur if the console is not getting proper ventilation.

When your console is in operation, especially when it’s trying to read a game disc, internal temperature can reach a certain level that can trigger the system to shut down. This is not a design flaw but a safety add-on in order to prevent the system from damaging itself. Too much heat can cause permanent damage to the parts inside. Your Xbox One is therefore designed to turn off by itself if it becomes way too hot.

Power Supply Unit is bad. 

Another possible reason for this problem is a bad Power Supply Unit (PSU). This applies to both the original Xbox One and the newer Xbox One S and X models. The older Xbox One has an external PSU while the newer ones have internal power supply.  A PSU can get damaged by power surges, elements, or premature wear and tear.

Power mode setting.

In order to conserve power, your Xbox One has a power mode setting that lets you set a certain period to shut it down on its own. Some users may find that their console shuts down on its own because of this particular setting.

Game bug crashes the system.

Some severe game bugs can force a console to crash to the Home screen or restart the console randomly. If you noticed that your Xbox is crashing only when playing a certain game, you may have a game glitch at hand.

Console has hardware malfunction.

Some unlucky users may encounter a more severe reason for this problem and that is a hardware malfunction or failure. There are hundreds of components inside the console and they are designed to work within a certain parameter. If one component is not working properly, it may affect the entire system causing it to crash from time to time.

Hardware issues are usually difficult to diagnose and requires a technician to physically examine the console. If you are an unlucky user with a broken Xbox, you’ll need to send the console for repair.

Troubleshooting your Xbox One that restarts at random

Below are the possible solutions that can help your fix this problem.

  1. Check for overheating.

    If the cause of the problem is overheating, there’s usually a message on the screen that should tell that the console is getting improper ventilation. Try touching the console to see if it has become way too warm to touch.  If it’s hot, you must turn it off right away to allow it to cool off. Leave the console off for at least an hour before turning it on again.
    NOTE: The console can feel hot around the vents and this is normal. The system is designed to blow air from the inside out to keep the interior cool. Make sure that there’s nothing blocking the vents to avoid hot air from seeping back in.Xbox One overheating

  2. Ventilate the console properly.

    Overheating can happen again if you won’t address a possible poor ventilation issue. Make sure that your Xbox One is in a well-ventilated spot. Do not place anything on top and leave at least an inch of space around the sides in order for air to circulate freely.
    As much as possible, place the console in a cool place and away from sources of direct heat. If you are in a hot climate, try to direct some air to the console using a fan.Xbox One S on top of table

  3. Check the PSU.

    If there’s no overheating issue, the next troubleshooting step that you can do is to see if the PSU is working or not. Learn how to troubleshoot your PSU in this post.Xbox One and PSU

  4. Change console Power Mode settings.

    Make sure that you select the right Power mode settings for your console. We suggest that you turn off the feature that can shut down the system after a set time frame. Here’s how:
    Turn on the console.
    -Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
    -Select System.
    -Select Settings.
    -Select General.
     -Select Power mode & startup.
    -Under Options, select Turn off after, and then select Don’t turn off automatically.Xbox One Power Mode

Get help from Microsoft.

If your Xbox One console continues to restart at random after doing all the troubleshooting steps above, there must be a hardware malfunction that causes it. Contact Microsoft and let them know that you need to send in the console for repair.

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