Difference Between Xbox Game Pass And Xbox Live Gold | Quick Guide

This post will tackle the difference between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. For anyone who is planning to purchase an Xbox subscription but is still unsure on what they need, we suggest you check this article to know more about these two Microsoft’s video gaming services. 

What is the difference between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold?

Microsoft has a variety of video game subscriptions to choose from that caters to all different types of players. Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are two examples of the video game online services that you can purchase monthly and guarantee to provide the best features that Xbox fanatics can enjoy.

Xbox Game Pass

Although these specific products are both subscription-based plans, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold offer different inclusions in their respective packages which we will discuss in details below.

What is Xbox Game Pass and its features?

Xbox Game Pass is considered as the Netflix for Xbox gamers as it provides them full access to the Game Pass Library when subscribed.

The online service is categorized by three different tiers such as the Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game Pass for console and the upgraded plan which is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For a monthly subscription, you can select any of these three plans depending on what device you are going to use.

Take note that once a plan has been selected, the subscription continues automatically unless manually cancelled using your Microsoft Account. 

Xbox Game Pass for console

One of Microsoft’s popular plans is the XBox Game Pass for console. This specific Game Pass subscription is applicable for players who intend to use their consoles such as the Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X to play games that are included in the package. When subscribed to the said plan, you will have access to the following features:

xbox game pass for console

Xbox Game Pass for PC

If you’re a player who prefers to use the PC to play games, then this is the right plan for you. Aside from the low monthly fee, here are the add ons that members will get:

xbox game pass for pc
  • Full access to old and new PC games that are found in the Game Pass library which includes the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator. 
  • Exclusive discounts for members are also available in the Microsoft store.
  • EA Play membership is included with the package which means that players will no longer pay for an additional price if you want to play EA games on your PC.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan is known to have all the benefits that Xbox owners can think about. Although the monthly fee is higher compared to the other subscriptions, it is much cheaper compared to buying the two plans mentioned above separately.

xbox game pass ult

On top of the combined features of Xbox Game Pass for PC and console present in the plan, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will also have all these benefits enumerated below:

  • Xbox Cloud gaming included for members to play on their Android devices.
  • EA Play membership with unlimited access to both PC and console games.
  • Includes Xbox Live Gold with no extra cost which allows members to play online multiplayer for all games. 
  • In-game content and other free perks available.
  • Enjoy special discounts and exclusive member deals from Microsoft and other partner offers. 

What is Xbox Live Gold and its features?

Xbox Live Gold is an online service and the premium version of the Xbox network. The services that you get for subscribing to Xbox Live Gold only applies when you’re playing on an Xbox One or Series X|S consoles. Unlike Xbox Game Pass tiers, the Xbox Live Gold has the option to be purchased either monthly or quarterly.

Xbox Live Gold

As the Xbox network allows all Xbox players to join community pages and gives them the access to free-to-play multiplayer games, the Xbox Live Gold has more perks than the free version. These great features are as follows:

  • Members will be given two to four free games every month provided that the Xbox Live Gold subscription is still active.
  • Up to 50 to 70% store discounts are given for some games.
  • Weekly discounts are usually offered on certain titles at Deals with Gold. 
  • Access to all multiplayer Xbox games.
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription provides members an access to new Games with Gold titles on the same day it is released.


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