How to fix Samsung MMS won't send issue.

How To Fix MMS Won’t Send Issue On Samsung (Android 10)

As Android 10 is slowly released to millions of Samsung devices, we’ve been getting reports that some phones or tablets won’t send MMS. If you’re one of the unlucky users with this problem, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a list of easy solutions that you can try. This guide will show you what

How to fix a Realme X2 Pro that won’t send MMS or picture message

Picture messages or MMS are basically like text messages only that you will be allowed to attach files, special characters or pictures. You need to be connected to your provider’s cellular network to be able to enjoy this feature or service. Also, since these messages are way bigger than the typical text message, it will

My Galaxy S10 Won’t Send MMS. Here’s The Real Fix!

One of the common texting problems for many Android users is being unable to send MMS. In today’s troubleshooting article, we’ll show you what to do if your Galaxy S10 won’t send MMS or picture messages. Like any smartphone, the Galaxy S10 is not perfect, especially when it comes network aspect. Having MMS trouble does

Samsung Galaxy A40 won’t send MMS after an update

When you send a text message and you attach anything to it, the message will be automatically be converted to MMS. It requires to have mobile data enabled for you to transmit such message. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A40 have complained about the problem wherein their phone won’t send MMS anymore. According to

Galaxy Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS, other issues

Here’s another roundup of issues for the #GalaxyNote5. The first one addresses an issue wherein a Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS. The rest of the issues have been dealt in our previous posts but we see it as important to provide their solutions in this material again. We hope that this article can