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Microsoft Is Bringing Cortana To Android and iOS

In a move that was expected for some time, Microsoft has officially announced that they are bringing their virtual assistant Cortana to both Android and iOS devices. This makes it the first virtual assistant to bridge the gap on all three platforms. Microsoft says that their new “Phone Companion” app will help users of all

Windows 10

Microsoft could allow running of Android apps on Windows 10

According to a new report, Microsoft could be looking to make a radical change to its policies by allowing Android apps to run on its upcoming Windows 10 platform. This decision could be taking given the lack of quality apps on the Windows platform. But as most of us know, Windows 10 is expected to

Xiaomi Mi 4

Microsoft bringing Windows 10 to Xiaomi Mi 4

Microsoft is reportedly bringing Windows 10 OS to the Xiaomi Mi 4. Shocking right? Well, Microsoft is believed to have taken consent from the Chinese manufacturer to produce a Windows 10 ROM for the Mi 4 smartphone, which will let them get valuable feedback on the operating system before it is available sometime in mid-2015. Windows 10