How To Fix Windows Calculator Missing Issue

Are you experiencing the Windows 10 calculator missing issue? There are several factors that can cause this problem such as an outdated operating system, outdated Windows calculator app, or even a corrupted system app. To fix this you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

Windows calculator is one of the pre-installed application found in your Microsoft Windows operating system. It usually has four modes available namely standard, scientific, programmer, and graphing mode. It allows for quick and easy arithmetic calculations or even performing trigonometric calculations just to name a few.

Why did my Calculator app disappeared?

Why did my Calculator app disappeared?

One of the issues that you might encounter on your computer is the Windows 10 calculator missing issue. This can be a frustrating experience especially if you need i to do some quick calculations.

Here’s what you can do to fix Windows 10 calculator missing problem.

Solution 1: Restart your Windows computer

The first thing you will need to do when experiencing the Windows 10 calculator missing issue is to restart your PC. There’s a possibility that this problem is caused by a temporary software glitch. Turning off your computer then turning it on since this will refresh the Windows operating system and usually fix this problem.

To restart Windows

Click the Start button.

Click the Power icon.

Click Restart.

After your computer has restarted try to check if the Windows calculator app is now available.

Solution 2: Run the Windows Store apps troubleshooter

One of the best ways to fix Windows 10 calculator issues is by running the built-in troubleshooter tool of Windows. This will detect any errors found in the default calculator app and try to fix it automatically.

Using the troubleshooter

Click the start menu button.

Click on Settings.

Click on System.

Click on Troubleshoot.

Click on Other troubleshooters.

Click on the Run button after Windows Store apps. Windows will attempt to apply repairs automatically.

After this process has completed try to check if you can now use the Windows calculator.

Solution 3: Reset the Calculator app

Another way you can fix any calculator app issues is to reset it. This can be done if for example you can’t get back to the standard mode and are stuck in the scientific calculator mode.

Resetting the calculator application

Click on the start menu button.

Open Windows Settings.

Click on Apps.

Click on Apps & features to show all the apps.

Click the three dots after the Calculator app.

Click Advanced options.

Click the Reset button.

Click the Reset button again.

Try to check if calculator app issue you are experiencing still occurs.

Solution 4: Update Windows operating system

If you have an outdated version of Windows then this might b what’s causing the Windows 10 calculator missing issue. You need to make sure that you have the latest Windows update installed as this will have all of the newest performance enhancements as well as bug fixes that could address this issue.

Installing Windows updates

Click the Start button.

Click on Settings.

Click Windows Updates on the left pane.

Click Check for updates button.

Click Download and install if any new Windows update is available.

After you install updates restart your computer then check if the Windows 10 calculator missing issue still occurs.

Solution 5: Create a desktop shortcut

Sometimes the calculator app on your start menu won’t work for some reason. The quickest way to fix this is to search for the Calculator app in Windows Search bar then right click on it and select the pin to taskbar option. With the shortcut added to the taskbar you can now drag and drop it to the desktop.

If you are unable to see the calculator app on Windows search bar then try to right click anywhere on your desktop and select Shortcut under new. Browse to the location where the calculator app is installed click on next. Choose a name for the shortcut then click on Finish.

Try accessing the calculator app from the desktop shortcut you created.

Solution 6: Uninstall then reinstall Windows 10 calculator app

Sometimes the problem can be caused by a corrupted calculator app. To fix this you should try to uninstall it then reinstall a fresh version from the Microsoft Store apps.

Uninstalling the app

Type powershell in Windows Search bar then right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

Type “Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers” in the elevated Windows PowerShell box and hit Enter.

Locate Microsoft.WindowsCalculator.

Copy the PackageFullName section of Windows Calculator. You need to select the entire name and simultaneously press Ctrl + C hotkey.

Type “Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName” then press enter. You need to replace the PackageFullName with the copied PackageFullName of Calculator.

Install the app

Open the Microsoft Store app then download and install the calculator app.

After performing these steps try to check if it fix Windows 10 calculator missing issue.

Solution 7: Run System File Checker

The System File checker is a tool available in Windows that will scan and replace any corrupted cached files. Try using this tool to fix Windows 10 calculator missing issues.

Running the SFC scan

Open the Start menu.

Type CMD, right click on command prompt and select Run as Administrator.

Type sfc/scannow and press Enter to run the SFC scan.

Restart the computer after the scan has completed.

Try checking if the missing calculator issue is now fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get my Calculator back on Windows 10?

    There are instances when your calculator will be missing in your computer because it has been uninstalled. To fix this you can just download it again from the Microsoft Store.

  2. How do I install calculator from Windows Store?

    You can install the missing calculator from the Microsoft Store by opening the Store app then searching for Windows calculator. Click on the first icon shown then download and install it.

  3. What does the calculator app have to offer?

    There are several features available on the calculator app that makes it quite useful. It has standard, scientific, programmer, and graphing mode.

  4. Why does my Windows 10 not have a Calculator?

    This might be caused by a temporary software glitch. To fix windows 10 calculator missing issues you should try restarting the computer. If this doesn’t work then try running the Windows troubleshooter app.

  5. How do I get the latest version of calculator?

    To get the latest calculator version you should update your Windows operating system.

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