How To Remove Wave Browser From Windows PC

remove the wave browser

Do you want to remove Wave Browser from your computer? You can uninstall Wave Browser using the “Control Panel” or the “Apps and Features” section of your Windows Settings. You can also use some antivirus programs which can remove Wave browser from your system.

Wave Browser is a streamlined web browser developed by Polarity Technologies LTD, a subsidiary Chinese company owned by Genimous Technology, that offers a range of clever features built-in. It is available for the Windows operating system, Mac, Android, and even iOS. The browser is known for its speed and efficiency, however it is a potentially malicious software that comes with various security risks.

What is Wave Browser? Uninstallation Guide

There are a lot of potentially unwanted programs available for your Windows users. These types of programs appear to perform certain tasks similar to legitimate software but unknown to users it is already running unrelated tasks in the background which users won’t know about.

One such potentially unwanted program is the Wave browser. It’s advertised as a custom-branded web browsers for your favourite influencers, charities, football clubs and brands. It’s a chromium based browser allowing it to run smoothly.

Is the Wave browser program safe to use? Definitely not. Wave Browser has been known to make system-level changes to your Windows computer allowing it to display unwanted ads, and re-installs itself even if you manually remove it from your device. In short, it is an extremely unsafe program.

How did I get Wave browser into my computer?

You might be wondering how you got the Wave browser app in your computer even if you didn’t install it.

You might have installed the Wave Browser knowingly or unknowingly. The Wave browser is an application you can download online and install, similar to other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Some browsers like the Wave browser may come bundled ( also called file bundling) with other software you install, and you may not even notice it as an optional program during the installation process. This can lead to bloatware or known browser hijacker that compromise your device’s security. In some cases, these programs may be difficult to detect, hidden away in less obvious folders or your system’s registry.

What does Wave browser do that makes it a potentially unwanted program?

There are a lot of factors that makes the Wave Browser on Windows a malicious software that you should avoid.

  • With Wave browser installed in your computer it can leave it vulnerable to hackers and viruses. For example, it can alter default settings, including the homepage, which can compromise your device’s security
  • The Wave browser can collect personal data from your device, putting your privacy at risk.
  • The Wave browser displays numerous ads, banners, and offers that may contain links to suspicious websites or programs. Clicking on these links can invite malware onto your device, which can take control of it.
  • The Wave browser can expose your data, including your IP address, cookies, browsing history, bookmarks, and more, to potential hackers.

How to completely remove Wave Browser on Windows

To remove the Wave browser on your computer you must uninstall Wave Browser from the Settings app then manually delete it from your computer system registry.

Step 1: Remove the Wave Browser

Click on the “Start” button.

Click Settings.

Click on apps.

Click on Installed Apps.

Under your list of apps, find “Wave Browser.” then click the “Uninstall” option beside Wave.

Step 2: Check for any lingering Wave Browser tasks using the Task Manager

Right click on the “Start” button.

Click Task Manager.

Click the Processes tab.

Find anything containing “Wave Browser”.

Click on each Wave browser process, then click “End Task.”

If you’re unsure about a task, you can also right-click on them, then select “Open File Location.” If you see a mention of Wave, you can delete the file location completely.

Step 3: Remove Wave browser from startup tasks

Right click on the “Start” button.

Click Task Manager.

Click the Startup tab.

Click on any processes related to Wave, then click “Disable.”

Step 4: Delete Wave Browser from system registry

Open your Windows search bar and search for “Registry Editor,” then launch it.

Click on “Edit” and choose “Find” from the drop-down list.

Search for “Wave Browser” in the text field and click “Find Next.”

Any time that you discover Wave Browser registry keys, delete it.

Repeat the above step until you’ve deleted all of the entries.

Step 5: Run a system scan using antivirus programs

You can use your favorite antivirus program to scan your entire system for any traces of malicious programs installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Wave Browser?

    The Wave Browser is a free web browser that provides fast browsing and easy access to various online services. It is designed for Windows operating systems and offers features such as customization options, privacy settings, and extensions. However, it has been classified as a potentially unwanted program by some security experts due to its tendency to display ads and collect user data.

  2. Is the Wave Browser safe to use?

    The safety of the Wave Browser has been questioned due to its potential for displaying ads and collecting user data. However, the browser itself does not contain any malicious code or malware.

  3. What are potentially unwanted programs and browser hijacker apps?

    Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are software programs that are not inherently malicious but are often installed without the user’s consent and can cause unwanted behavior, such as displaying ads, collecting data, or changing browser settings. Browser hijacker apps are a type of PUP that specifically alters the default search engine or homepage of a user’s web browser. These programs can sometimes be difficult to remove and may require the use of specialized software or manual removal techniques.

  4. How do I uninstall Wave Browser malware?

    If your device has been infected with malware through the Wave Browser, it is important to take immediate action to remove it. First, try to uninstall Wave Browser using the steps outlined above. Next, run a full scan with trusted antivirus software to detect and remove any malware that may have been installed. Additionally, avoid visiting malicious websites and clicking on links from unknown sources in the future to reduce the risk of infection.

  5. Is the Wave Browser a browser hijacker app?

    No, the Wave Browser is not considered a browser hijacker app. However, it may change your default search engine or homepage without your consent, which is a common characteristic of browser hijackers. If you encounter this issue, you can easily reset your browser settings to their default values.

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