MWC 2020

GSMA to Meet on Feb 14 to Discuss Canceling MWC 2020 in Barcelona

The GSMA is reportedly meeting on the 14th of February to discuss canceling the scheduled Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona. This comes as companies like LG, Sony, Amazon, and several others announced that they will not attend the event amid Coronavirus concerns. It’s likely that the GSMA will look to schedule the event for

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Sony and Amazon Are the Latest Tech Companies to Pull out of MWC 2020

Companies like Sony, Amazon, Ericsson, as well as NVIDIA, have officially canceled their participation in MWC 2020 fearing the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Previously LG had announced to stay out of the event with similar concerns. MWC 2020 is scheduled to be held in Barcelona between February 24-27. Companies like LG have already

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Sony Xperia 2 Could Be the Company’s First 5G Phone

According to a report from a well-known Chinese source, Sony could bring its first-ever 5G smartphone in the form of Xperia 2. It’s no secret that Sony is gearing up to launch 5G handsets this year as it notably stayed out of the 5G race last year. However, with 2020 expected to bring better 5G

Sony Xperia 8

Sony to Unveil a New Xperia Smartphone on February 24

Sony has been relatively quiet over the past few months with no word on whether it will launch new phones in February. However, just as many expected, the company has now scheduled a smartphone launch event for February 24 at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona. The company has also sent invites to the press, suggesting

Sony Xperia 5

Sony Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 Now Getting the Android 10 Update

Just as mentioned a few weeks ago, Sony has started the rollout of Android 10 for the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 handsets. The updates are arriving on both handsets with the version number 55.1.A.0.748. It is worth pointing out that Sony will also send out the update to devices like the Xperia 10, Xperia

Sony Xperia 5

Sony Details Android 10 Update Plans for 8 Smartphones

Sony is not the best known Android smartphone manufacturer in the market today. This is apparent from the fact that the company doesn’t produce as many handsets as its industry rivals. However, this doesn’t mean the company will stop updating its existing devices to Android 10. The Japanese manufacturer has announced its plans to update

Top 10 Android selfie phones with front-facing LED flash cameras

Selfies. First, they were dubbed as narcissistic by many, and while that may have been true at the time, selfies have evolved beyond just narcissistic photos of yourself. Now, they’re an excellent way to capture memories with a group of friends and family at events and on trips. The cameras themselves have evolved in quality,

Best Android tablets with the highest-resolution screens for watching videos

Looking for a large, uber-productive, robust, physical keyboard-boasting and/or stylus-supporting tablet to meet your enterprise needs? The answer to your prayers is only a couple of clicks away. How about a rugged, muscular, almost unbreakable Android slate? We have you covered there, too. Don’t want much, just ultra-fast LTE connectivity and keeping non-vital expenses to

13 Best Small Android Smartphones Available Today

Bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better, we dissect the best small smartphone. You may find it hard to score a half-decent small Android handheld these days, but despite the undeniable mainstream rise of phablets, there’s still demand devices you can easily slide in and out of your standard-issue trouser pocket. Before setting out on a quest

Best 4G LTE-capable Android tablets available today stateside

Though tablets are a great companion for practically anyone, it comes with a few limitations, particularly if it’s WiFi only. However, 4G LTE equipped cellular tablets have been around for quite some time now, so it’s understandable if you’re spoilt for choice right now. Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about some of

Best dual SIM Android smartphones available today

Very rarely mentioned in the same breath as zippy 64-bit processors, Quad HD screens, OIS cameras, or massive batteries with fast charging capabilities when it comes to top selling points of today’s best and brightest Android smartphones. Dual-SIM support remains an extremely convenient feature to have for several classes of mobile users. Business people often

5 Best Phones Running Snapdragon 845 Chip In 2020

Do you want your smartphone to have the best hardware? Then you should consider picking up a smartphone with the Snapdragon 845 chip. This is one of the top processors for the year 2020, and it’s being packed in all of the new flagships, including the already released OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9 and upcoming Galaxy

5 Best IP68 Waterproof Phones In 2020

Do you need your phone to have good waterproofing capabilities? Then you’re going to want to search for a smartphone that has the IP68 waterproof rating. This is a military spec that devices have to meet to be considered submersible, or resistant against other things, such as dust, shock, drops, etc. IP68 certification is excellent

5 Best Phones With Stereo Speakers In 2020

One problem that almost all smartphones have these days is with their speakers. More often than not, the speakers on your phone aren’t very loud, play music or podcasts quietly, and generally don’t sound good. If you want to have a good listening experience, it’s almost a requirement that you have a good pair of

5 Best Phones With The Most RAM In 2020

If you’re in search of a fast smartphone, one of the elements that you should consider is the amount of RAM — a lot of RAM allows you to run multiple applications, have two applications open at once, and even switch between applications fast. Smartphones that don’t have a lot of RAM are typically sluggish

Top 10 super-slim smartphones you can actually buy today

The world’s thinnest smartphone title has become a thorny affair in recent years, as new contenders pop up out of nowhere once every few weeks. Most of the time, no-name Chinese manufacturers are behind these designs that defy gravity common sense, and the goal is to score free publicity for future products with the better

Sony Will Reportedly Wait Until 2020 to Launch a 5G Phone

While almost every major manufacturer is currently rushing to get a 5G smartphone to market, Japanese manufacturer Sony is reportedly taking a more measured approach. According to the a new revelation by AndroPlus, Sony is currently testing the technology and will reportedly unveil a 5G capable handset only by 2020. It is being suggested that