How To Fix Sony TV Distorted Sound Quality

Does your Sony TV have a poor audio quality? There are various factors that can cause this issue ranging from a signal interference, speaker settings, software glitch, or even a hardware problem. In order to fix this you will need to perform a series of troubleshooting steps.

Sony is one of the biggest company in the world that makes and sells various consumer products. Their Sony Bravia line of TV products is well known for having some of the best features available making them perfect for a home theater entertainment system set up.

Why do my Sony TV speakers sound distorted?

Why do my Sony TV speakers sound distorted?

One of the issues that you might experience with your Sony television is the distorted sound issue. You will notice that the TV sound quality is not good and may sound robotic at times. This can be an annoying experience as you won’t be able to properly enjoy watching your favorite shows.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Sony TV external speakers sound issues.

Solution 1: Power reset your Sony Bravia TV

One of the common causes of audio issues on your Sony TV is a software glitch. A power reset or soft reset will usually fix issues caused by minor software glitches or bugs as it will remove any temporary corrupted data that could be causing the problem.

  • Turn off the TV using the supplied remote control.
  • Unplug the TV power cord from the power outlet and wait about 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the TV AC power cord to the electrical outlet then and make sure to turn on the Sony Android TV.

You can also perform a soft reset using the remote control.

  • Point the remote control to the illumination LED or status LED and press and hold the POWER button of the remote control for about 5 seconds.
  • Select Restart to restart.
  • The TV should restart automatically. Wait for approximately one minute, and the TV will turn back on. If it does not reboot, press the POWER button on the remote control to turn on the TV.

Try to check if the audio issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Check your Sony TV speakers settings

Another reason why you will be getting audio problems on your Sony TV is because of changes made to the sound settings.

What you need to is to check if anything is connected to the audio output jacks. If a stereo system is connected to the TV then the internal speakers won’t work as the sound output will be directed to the external speaker system. You will then need to make sure that the audio system is working properly.

If you are just using the TV speakers then here’s what you should do.

  • Ensure the TV speakers are selected. Select Display & Sound- Audio Out- Speakers- TV Speakers.
  • Increase the volume level of the TV.
  • Make sure the MUTE option of the TV isn’t enabled.
  • Make sure headphones or any other devices aren’t connected to the headphone jack on the TV.
  • If you are using a set-top box then make sure that the volume of the set-top box is set to maximum level.
  • If your Sony TV model has an MTS setting in the audio menu, set it to MAIN or STEREO.
  • If your Sony TV has a Simulated effect in the audio menu, turn it off.
  • If your Sony TV has a Volume Offset setting in the audio menu, set it to a higher or the maximum value.
  • Make sure the TV speakers are not set as the center channel speaker.

After making the necessary sound settings try to check if the issue is fixed.

Solution 3: Reset the sound settings of your Sony TV

If this issue occurred right after making certain changes to the sound settings then one possible solution is to reset the sound settings to the default values.

  • Press the HOME button.
  • Select [Settings]
  • Select [Display & Sound]
  • Select Sound.
  • Select Reset.

Solution 4: Make sure your Sony Smart TV is running on the latest software version

You should make sure that your TV has the last software version installed as this will usually have several improvements as well as bug fixes that could fix any sound issues you are experiencing.

How to software update Sony Google TV models

  • On the supplied remote, press the Quick Settings button.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select System → About → System software update.
  • On the supplied remote, press the Quick Settings button.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select System → About → System software update. If the Automatically check for update settings is turned off, check manually if there’s an update. To check manually, select System software update with the procedure above, and then select Software update.

How to software update Sony Android TV models

  • On the supplied remote control, press the Help button (if available), otherwise press the Home button and then select Help.
  • Select Status & Diagnostics, then select System software update.
  • Check if the Automatically check for update or Automatic software download setting is set to ON. If this option is set to OFF, select Check for a system software update or Software update to manually check for an update.

Once the Sony TV is running on the latest version try checking if the issue still occurs.

Solution 5: Factory reset the Sony Smart TV

The factory reset will erase all user settings and resets the TV back to factory settings.

  • On the supplied remote control, press the (Quick Settings) or HOME button depending on your TV.
  • Select Settings.

Perform any of these three steps depending on your Smart TV model.

  • Select System → About → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.
  • Select Device Preferences → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.
  • Select Storage & reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.

Try checking if this fixes the problem.

Solution 6: Contact Sony support

If after performing the troubleshooting tips listed above the audio issue persists then you should get professional help by contacting the nearest Samsung service center as this might already be caused by a faulty hardware component.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my Sony TV sound distorted?

    The issue may be related to a particular channel or audio-video file. Try a different channel of play another video to check if this is the case. You should also set TV volume between 50~60 & increase and decrease the volume from STB (Set Top Box) remote.

  2. How To Prevent Distorted Sound in Sony TV?

    Prevent dust build-up that can affect your TV audio.Keep moisture away from your Samsung TV.Make sure that cable connections are secured tightly.Do not keep several electronic devices within close range to avoid interference.

  3. Why does the sound from external speaker not match the video on my Sony TV?

    The audio sync problem can occur when there is a software glitch or a setting issue. Try restarting the Sony TV and check if the issue still occurs. You should also check the cable connections of the speaker device connected to the TV as this might not be secured properly.

  4. Why can’t I change my TV sound settings?

    This might be caused by a temporary software glitch. Restarting your TV will usually fix this problem.

  5. How do I adjust the Sony TV volume without the remote?

    Your TV has physical volume settings buttons which you can use to increase or decrease the volume level . You can use this to change the volume in case your remote does not work.

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