How To Fix Sony TV With Sound But No Picture

Is your Sony TV screen not showing any pictures but the sound is present? There are various factors that can cause this problem ranging from a software glitch, loose HDMI connection, or even a wrong input setting. To fix this problem you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

Sony is a popular Japanese company that makes various electronic products ranging from smartphones, digital cameras, to various smart TV models. The company’s Sony Bravia TV is one of the most popular television brands in the world as it offers some of the best features available making them perfect for a home theater entertainment system set up.

Why is my Sony TV playing sound but no image?

Why is my Sony TV playing sound but no image?

One of the issues that you might experience with your Sony Bravia TV is when there is no picture on screen or what is usually called as the black screen issue. This can be an annoying experience as you won’t be able to watch your favorite movie.

Here’s what you need to do to fix the Sony Smart TV black screen or no picture issue.

Solution 1: Power cycle your Sony TV

The first troubleshooting steps you need to do when experiencing Sony TV black screen or no picture issues is to restart the TV. A power reset or soft reset will usually fix issues caused by minor software glitches or bugs.

Power cycling Sony Bravia TV

  • Unplug the AC power cord of your Sony TV from the outlet and wait about 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the TV power cord to the outlet and make sure to turn on your TV.

Try checking if the Sony TV picture now works.

Solution 2: Check the Sony TV HDMI connection

One of the factors that can cause the Sony TV screen issue are loosely connected HDMI connection. Try removing the HDMI cables then plug them back in making sure that they are secured tightly. You should also make sure to select the correct HDMI input on the remote control.

Make sure the connected device is set to output through its HDMI connection and the video format being output is compatible with the TV.

You can also try cleaning the HDMI port can cable by following this step.

Remove the HDMI cable connected to the back of your TV.

Clean the contacts both of the cable and in the connector on the TV by blowing gently on them.

Firmly push the cables back into their slots on the TV.

Switch your TV back on again.

Sometimes the problem can already be caused by a defective HDMI cable. You can try connecting this HDMI cable to a different HDMI port. If the problem persists then try using a different HDMI cable.

Solution 3: Check the devices connected to your Sony Smart TV

There’s a possibility that a connected device is causing this problem. You can fix this by following these steps.

Checking connected device

Turn off the Sony Bravia TV.

Disconnect all your connected devices from the Sony Smart TV

Turn on the television and ensure there are no issues.

If the Sony Bravia TV has no issues, reconnect the disconnected devices to the Sony Smart TV one by one.

If the indicator starts blinking after you’ve connected a particular device, consider replacing it.

Solution 4: Try viewing the program from a different source

There’s a possibility that the program you are viewing does not have any picture because of an issue with the source such as the DVD player, BluRay player, or a streaming device. Try using another device to view a program. If the display of your TV is working then the problem is most likely caused by the previous device. You will need to contact the device manufacturer for additional troubleshooting information.

Solution 5: Make sure your Sony Smart TV software is the latest version

You should make sure that your Sony TV has the last software version installed as this will usually have several improvements as well as bug fixes that could fix the sound you are experiencing. Take note that you can only do this if the menu screen is shown on the TV screen.

Sony Google TV models

  • On the supplied remote, press the Quick Settings button.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select System → About → System software update.
  • On the supplied remote, press the Quick Settings button.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Select System → About → System software update. If the Automatically check for update settings is turned off, check manually if there’s an update. To check manually, select System software update with the procedure above, and then select Software update.

Sony Android TV models

  • On the supplied remote control, press the Help button (if available), otherwise press the Home button and then select Help.
  • Select Status & Diagnostics, then select System software update.
  • Check if the Automatically check for update or Automatic software download setting is set to ON. If this option is set to OFF, select Check for a system software update or Software update to manually check for an update.

Solution 6: Factory reset your Sony TV

If the above troubleshooting steps fails to fix the problem then you should consider doing a factory reset. The reset process will erase all user settings and resets the TV back to factory specifications.

Navigate to the Settings app using your Sony TV buttons.

Perform any of these three steps depending on your Smart TV model.

  • Select System → About → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.
  • Select Device Preferences → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.
  • Select Storage & reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.

Solution 7: Contact the nearest Sony service center

If after performing the troubleshooting steps listed above the black screen problem persists then you should contact the Sony service center for assistance as this might already be caused by a faulty hardware component such as a defective T con board or a problem with the TV’s backlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the picture on my Sony TV too dark?

    This is usually caused by a picture setting issue. The brightness level might be too low, the power saving feature might be enabled, or the program coming from the connected device such as a DVD player is just too dark.

  2. How much does it cost to repair the screen of my new TV?

    If your TV is new and under warranty then you can have this repaired or replaced for free.

  3. What to do when the Sony Bravia TV green light is on but no picture?

    A solid green light on the front of your Sony Bravia means the television power is on. A green light that blinks whenever you press a button on the remote indicates that the TV receives signals from the remote.
    To fix this here’s what you need to do.
    Unplug the power cord of your TV, wait for 30 seconds, plug it back in.
    Update your TV’s firmware.
    Your backlight might be malfunctioning or needs changing.
    Disable all power-saving features from the menu.
    Check whether your HDMI connection is in the right working condition.
    Ensure neither the TV nor the connected devices have malfunctioned.
    Set the picture panel calibration Off.
    Reset the television.

  4. Can the sound come out of the TV speakers and connected audio device simultaneously?

    Having sound output at the same time on your TV speakers and a connected audio device will usually depend on your TV model.

  5. Why does my Sony TV volume keep going up?

    This might be caused by the remote control volume up button that is stuck or constantly pressed. Try removing the batteries of the remote then check if the issue still occurs. If it doesn’t then the problem is most likely caused by your remote control.

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