Fix Gallery has stopped error on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The error message “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus means that the default pictures and videos manager has crashed. Most of the time this problem is just a minor one or just a result of a glitch but there are times when it could be a sign of a more serious

Gallery keeps stopping on Samsung Galaxy A20. Here’s the fix.

The error message ‘Gallery keeps stopping’ basically means that the default pictures and videos manager has stopped or crashed. Most of the time it’s just an issue with the app but there are times when it’s also a result of a firmware problem, considering the fact that it’s a pre-installed application. Among the users who

What to do if Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on Google Pixel 3?

Facebook always makes sure that its applications are regularly updated and works perfectly all the time. That’s why you seldom encounter issues with the Facebook app, the Messenger as well as all other applications under its umbrella. However, there are always times when things don’t go the way they should and we’ve actually received complaints

Galaxy S6 won’t send emails, plus other apps issues

Conflicts with apps is one of the most common problems smartphone users face nowadays. In this post, we show to you some samples of #GalaxyS6 app problems shared by some members of our community. Galaxy S6 volume problem when playing music Galaxy S6 won’t send emails Galaxy S6 returns to the home screen when opening