Troubleshoot Address Errors When Signing Up for Credit Karma

Lots of folks are eager to switch from Mint to Credit Karma since Mint recently announced it will cease operations. When trying to create your new Credit Karma account, you may encounter frustrating address errors even after entering a valid address. If you get the message “we had trouble verifying that address,” don’t worry – following these step-by-step troubleshooting tips should help you resolve the problem.

Pro Tip: Try a different address you previously lived in

First, double check that you entered your current mailing address exactly as it appears on a recently delivered piece of mail. Credit Karma requires a valid US residential mailing address tied to your account – no PO boxes allowed. If you just moved, make sure you enter the new address associated with your latest utility bill, bank statement, or other mail.

If your current address doesn’t work, try submitting an older address where you previously received mail instead. Slight differences in street abbreviation like “Street” versus “St” or apartment number can also cause address verification issues, so match your entry precisely to a delivered envelope or postcard.

With a few attempts at alternate valid addresses, carefully matching the format, you should be able to get past this roadblock and open your free Credit Karma account. Then you can cancel Mint and make the switch permanently before operations cease in March.

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  1. If you have freezes on your Credit Agency accounts, they need to be lifted for TransUnion and Equifax, for the signing up to go through. I found this out after wasting a lot of time. Good luck!

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