How To Troubleshoot Galaxy S23 Dark or Bright Spots on Display

You notice strange dark or bright spots on your Galaxy S23’s screen that remain visible regardless of the actual content shown. These annoying blemishes are often caused by physical OLED matrix damage or underlying manufacturing defects. 

Troubleshoot Galaxy S23 Dark or Bright Spots on Display

While not reversible, several troubleshooting techniques can improve the appearance of dark and bright spots. This guide covers solutions for mitigating irritating display spots on the S23.

Understand Display Spots 

The display spots issue on Samsung smartphones refers to the occurrence of visible spots, dots, or blemishes on the screen that are different from dead pixels. 

These spots can appear in various shapes and sizes and may be caused by manufacturing defects, pressure on the display, or damage to the screen. While display spots may not affect the overall functionality of the device, they can be visually distracting and impact the user’s viewing experience. 

In some cases, the spots may grow in size or number over time, prompting users to seek assistance from authorized service centers to address the issue, which may involve screen replacement or repair to restore the display’s quality.

OLED display spots exhibit as follows:

  • Dark/black spots that stand out on light screens.
  • Bright spots are visible on dark screens. 
  • Specks that persist in the same location regardless of content.
  • Expanded areas of shifted colors rather than precise dots.
  • Multiple spots clustered together rather than isolated.

They arise from imaging matrix flaws or pixel circuit damage. Make sure to distinguish temporary stuck pixels, which clear up on their own. Permanent spots reflect hardware issues requiring repair.

Try Software Fixes

Software fixes are not typically effective for addressing display spots on Samsung phones since the issue is usually caused by hardware problems, manufacturing defects, or physical damage to the screen. 

Software updates or troubleshooting methods cannot remove or repair the spots, making it essential to seek professional help from authorized service centers or technicians to diagnose and resolve the underlying hardware issue properly.

However, ruling out software-related factors is likewise imperative. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt if you begin with these simple software remedies:  

1. Run Samsung’s display diagnostic app to identify and toggle defective pixels.

Samsung devices do have a built-in service menu that can be accessed using specific codes to perform diagnostic tests on various hardware components, including the display.

These diagnostic tests help users and technicians identify potential display issues and ensure the device’s overall health.

2. Enable higher display densities to shift spot locations less noticeably.

Higher display densities on Samsung phones refer to the number of pixels packed into a given area of the screen. By increasing the pixel density, Samsung can deliver sharper and more detailed visuals, making images, text, and graphics appear crisper and more realistic on the device’s display.

3. Apply a blue light filter or night mode, which conceal darker blemishes better.

Blue light filters or night mode on Samsung phones work by reducing the amount of blue light emitted by the device’s display. 

Tap Eye comfort shield

To make this happen, adjust the color temperature of the screen to a warmer hue, which can help reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality, especially when using the phone in low-light environments or during nighttime.

4. Switch themes to darker styles that downplay bright spots.

Dark theme styles on Samsung phones utilize a system-wide color scheme that replaces light-colored elements with darker shades to reduce the overall brightness and improve readability in low-light conditions. 

This is achieved through the use of specific color codes and styles applied to the user interface elements, making the system and apps appear with a dark background and lighter text and icons.

5. Hide persistent spots under screen elements like widgets and icons.

Screen elements like widgets and apps can help in hiding display spots on Samsung phones by strategically placing them over the affected areas. 

By occupying the space around the spots, these elements divert the user’s attention from the blemishes and create a more visually cohesive and distraction-free user interface.

While not removals, the software can help make spots less distracting when hardware repair is not practical.

Determine If Spots Warrant Repair

If the aforementioned workarounds don’t help, repair may be necessary.

Here are some factors to consider when weighing repair:

  • Size – Small specks under 1mm may not require action. Larger spots are more intrusive.
  • Density – A few dispersed spots bother less than many clustered together.
  • Location – Central spots are more noticeable than periphery ones.
  • Visibility – Dark spots show on light screens and bright spots on dark screens.
  • Progression – Have spots increased in quantity or size over time?

If spots severely degrade display quality and aren’t concealed well in software, professional repair may be warranted.

DIY Display Replacement

DIY Display Replacement refers to the process of replacing a damaged or broken screen on a Samsung phone by oneself without seeking professional repair services. 

Samsung phones often come with modular designs that allow users to detach and replace the display assembly relatively easily, provided they have the necessary tools and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the official repair guides or tutorials. 


  • Attempting DIY Display Replacement can be challenging and may void the warranty, so caution and proper research are essential before proceeding.

For advanced users, screen replacement is an option:

  • Source high-quality OEM replacement display assemblies from reputable suppliers.  
  • Follow device disassembly directions carefully to avoid damage.
  • Gently detach display cables and adhesive. Transfer fragile components like polarizers.
  • Confirm water resistance if resealing. 

DIY replacement is cheaper but very risky without specialty tools and training. Get assistance if not highly experienced.

Professional Repair Options

Opting for professional repair is also recommended for guaranteed safe, flawless results. Here are your repair options:

– Samsung offers same-day display repairs under warranty or for reasonable rates. 

– Visit an authorized Samsung repair center for quality work by professionals.

– Trustworthy mail-in services like CPR Cell Phone Repair provide convenient fix options.

Rather than tolerate dark/bright spots, leverage authorized Samsung technicians for expert-quality display repair or replacement. Avoid cheap, questionable repair shops with no manufacturer certifications.

While software can help minimize appearance, permanent hardware-level display spots ultimately require professional service to resolve fully. 

Don’t ignore dark or bright blemishes, as they rarely improve on their own if related to underlying matrix flaws rather than temporary stuck pixels. With persistence and care, your Galaxy S23 display can shine flawlessly once again.

Dark or bright spots on Galaxy S23 display FAQs

  1. Q: Why do dark and bright spots appear on my Galaxy S23 screen?

    A: Permanent spots are caused by damage to the OLED matrix or underlying pixel circuitry, resulting in areas that improperly emit or transmit light.

  2. Q: Can I get rid of bright and dark spots on my S23 with software fixes?

    A: You can’t remove them fully, but options like display diagnostics, increased densities, blue light filters, dark themes, and hiding spots can help minimize their appearance.

  3. Q: How do I know if display spots on my Galaxy S23 warrant professional repair?

    A: Consider the size, density, location, visibility on varying screens, and progression over time. If very noticeable or worsening, display replacement may be needed.

  4. Q: Is it safe for me to replace a Galaxy S23 display myself?

    A: Display repair is extremely easy with proper tools and training. Entrust the work only to reputable professionals to avoid damage or improper water sealing.

  5. Q: Where can I get professional Galaxy S23 display spot repairs?

    A: Samsung official repair centers and other authorized shops have technicians that can safely replace the display if bright/dark spots become intolerable.

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