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Twitter fighting against online abuse with a new muting tool

#Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world and a popular place for celebrities and influential people to voice their opinion. It’s not up there with Facebook in terms of revenues or popularity but is still a relevant name in social media. One of the primary criticisms of the platform

Twitter to shut down popular video sharing service ‘Vine’

#Twitter has announced that it will soon close the curtains on Vine, which is a popular video sharing site that was acquired by Twitter back in 2012. Vine has a large following across the world, thanks largely to its easy to use interface and the premise of using short GIF styled videos. It’s something that

Twitter DMs now show read receipts

#Twitter has just added a nifty little feature to its mobile applications which brings read receipts to your messages. This is a handy little feature if you’re still waiting for that reply from someone, letting you know if you should genuinely wait for a reply or just take the hint. The update will be included right

Twitter for Android now getting the ‘Night Mode’ feature

#Twitter might not be the most popular social media platform out there today, but it’s no doubt one of the most popular ones out there. In order to bolster user experience, the makers have now decided to add a new ‘Night Mode’ toggle within the app, which will reduce the strain on your eyes if

Twitter now allows you to post 140 second videos

#Twitter has now upped the duration limit for videos that you upload on its apps. While the previous limit was 30 seconds, customers can now upload videos of up to 140 seconds in length. The company made the official announcement through a blog post and a customary tweet. What’s more is that videos in full-screen

Twitter Android

Android users now seeing an overhauled version of Twitter

The #Twitter app on #Android is now seeing a major UI overhaul, which will significantly enhance UI experience for the users. Gone is the old menu navigation and you will now see a more refined interface once you get the update. It’s rolling out on a global level, so geography shouldn’t get in the way


Fenix exits the Play Store after reaching Twitter’s token limit

After popular third-party #Twitter app, Falcon, saw the exit from the Play Store a couple of years ago, Fenix has now seen a similar fate. If you’re wondering, well, the app wasn’t removed for a rule violation or any such issues but simply because Fenix has reached Twitter’s token limit, which only allows a certain number