BlackBerry Devices Lose Twitter Apps, Company Committed to Supporting BB10 Until Early 2021

It’s no secret that BlackBerry is no longer the force it once was in the mobile industry. The company has launched a handful of Android handsets over the past couple of years, which was highly suggestive of the fate of BB10, the company’s most recent independently developed mobile OS. The company has now announced that Twitter services will no longer work on BB10 OS and clarified that this was due to Twitter “shutting down services that enable [the BBOS and BB10] apps to function.”

BlackBerry advised users to continue browsing Twitter from the web browser. This is clearly an archaic way of browsing your Twitter feed, and is really quite unfortunate for BB10 users. Since most of BlackBerry has transitioned into Android, one would be inclined to believe that BlackBerry has halted development on BB10. Well, this doesn’t appear to be the case with the company further mentioning that it will continue to support BB10 until at least early 2020.

While this is fairly welcoming news for owners of BB10 devices, there’s not much time left for that. BlackBerry hasn’t talked about its plans for after the mentioned timeframe. Keeping this in mind, it’s safe to say that the days of BB10 OS are numbered.

In addition to Twitter, a third-party cloud service provider that helps run BlackBerry Assistant’s “Full Assistance” feature has also reportedly pulled out from BB10 OS. This means that while BlackBerry Assistant will still continue to work, it may not function the way it used to. Customers should still be able to make calls, search their device, play music and even open apps, though.

Do you own a BB10 smartphone? If yes, are you planning to upgrade anytime soon?

Source: BlackBerry

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