MMS on Galaxy S6 creates separate conversation thread, other issues

Welcome to another post about #GalaxyS6! Our post today covers 6 issues shared by our community members. Don’t forget to also visit our S6 troubleshooting page for our previously published articles. MMS on Galaxy S6 creates separate conversation thread Galaxy S6 does not power on Galaxy S6 lags and loses battery power fast Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Bluetooth Audio Not Working

One of the conveniences of owning a smartphone is that you will be able to pair it with any Bluetooth device to further enhance its features. The #Samsung #Galaxy #S6 is one such phone which was released in 2015 that can connect with various Bluetooth devices. Making the connection is usually easy as all that

Galaxy S6 Edge stuck at ODIN (download) mode, other charging issues

Some of our readers have reported that their new #Samsung #GalaxyS6 phones are having difficulty booting past download mode for some unknown reason. Our post today addresses this issue as well as other related charging and power problems. Below are topics covered in this article: Galaxy S6 Edge stuck at ODIN (download) mode PC not