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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How To Fix Various Samsung Galaxy Note User Problems

What’s up guys? In this post we will be tackling several problems that our readers are experiencing regarding their Samsung Galaxy Note device. This is a compilation of emails sent to us regarding the Galaxy Note and covers the Note 10.1, Note 2, and Note 3. As much as possible we try to provide the

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unable to connect to mobile data

Having mobile data connectivity problems on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? This post might very well offer the solutions you’re looking for! Below are 8 problems shared by other Note 3 users to us. Most of these problems are likely to have network-related causes than device-related ones but we post them anyways to educate our

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Issues [Part 1]

If there’s one thing that makes smartphones attractive, it’s the camera feature. The camera has become an integral part of any phone today that it is unthinkable to have a snartphone without the ability to capture moments of our lives. As phone-mounted cameras become the norm, camera hardware and apps have also become sophisticated creating more and

Solutions To Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Text Messaging Problems

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting series that aims to resolve text messaging problems on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In this installment of the series we will tackle four of the latest real world problems sent to us by our readers seeking our help. These problems have been handpicked by us because they concern text

How To Fix Fast Battery Drain Problem On Note 3

Even before Lollipop was released, there were rumors that specially mentioned battery issues being the main reason for the delay of the new OS. Now, several months later, it looks like Google is still trying to address the issue, which may confirm that those rumors may have been true in the first place. It’s not uncommon

How to Set Custom Notification Sound for Each App in Galaxy Note 3

“How do you get custom notification sounds for different apps in Samsung Galaxy Note 3? So far, I can only set one notification that applies to everything.” This was the question sent to us via Mailbag. Changing the Custom Notification Sound in General In general, you can set your the notification sounds of your apps