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5 Best Phones With The Most RAM In 2019

If you’re in search for a fast smartphone, one of the elements that you should consider is the amount of RAM — a lot of RAM allows you to run multiple applications, have two applications open at once and even switch between applications really fast. Smartphones that don’t have a lot of RAM are typically

5 Best Wallet Cases For OnePlus 6

So, you got a fancy new OnePlus 6, but now you need some protection. Maybe not only protection, but a way to keep all your cash and cards with your OnePlus 6, too. That’s where wallet cases come in — not only will they keep your OnePlus 6 protected against scratches and scuffs, but they’ll

7 Best Dual SIM Phone In 2019

Wouldn’t it be cool if you’re smartphone would allow you to switch between two networks in just a few seconds? A lot of phones aren’t capable of doing this, partly because of regulations and the telecommunication oligarchy in North America, but there are still a couple of phones out there that are able to hold

OnePlus 2

[Deal] 64GB OnePlus 2 for $249.99

The 64GB variant of the #OnePlus2 is now available from eBay for just $249.99. With OnePlus recently launching the #OnePlus3T, one would imagine that the demand for older flagships would die down a touch. Even if that’s the case, finding excellent deals on slightly older phones is always welcome news for deal hunters online. The

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T to get Nougat update before the end of 2016

With the #OnePlus3T going official earlier today, customers of the #OnePlus3 were concerned that the company would start focusing more on the newly launched device. This is a concern mainly because the OnePlus 3 is awaiting the Android 7.0 Nougat update. However, the company has assured customers that the OnePlus 3 will receive the update by the end

[Deal] OnePlus 3 for $429.99

An eBay seller is offering the #OnePlus3 for just $429.99. The handset has just received a refresh in the form of the OnePlus 3T, so the timing of the launch couldn’t have been better. With reports largely suggesting that the OnePlus 3 might cease to exist after the OnePlus 3T, this deal might be your last

OnePlus 3 Gold

OnePlus 3T could be announced on November 14

The #OnePlus3 is a pretty stellar flagship. However, stocks have been relatively slim since the device was announced. It is said that this is due to the shortages in the AMOLED panels. This triggered rumors that the company would announce a newer model with an LCD panel to address the supply issues. A new rumor

[Deal] Unlocked 64GB OnePlus 2 for $249.99

The #OnePlus2 flagship from 2015 is now available for just $249.99 on eBay. The seller is offering the 64GB variant of the handset here, which is the top end model in the lineup. The handset is a pretty decent offering despite the fact that it’s a year old in the industry. The OnePlus 3 might have

OnePlus 3

OnePlus quashes rumors of a OnePlus 3 alternative with an LCD display

Earlier today we talked about the possibility of #OnePlus launching a slightly inferior version of the #OnePlus3 with an LCD panel due to the high demand for its Optic AMOLED panels. However, OnePlus top brass, mainly Carl Pei, has rubbished all these rumors across multiple social media outlets. Pei said that despite the fact that

Unknown OnePlus handset spotted in Chinese listing

With plenty of speculation surrounding #OnePlus and its alleged plans to cease the production of the #OnePlus3, a new leak seems to be giving credence to the notion. A listing on 3C, which is a Chinese device certification site, has revealed a mystery OnePlus handset. While not much is known about the device itself, we

[Deal] Unlocked OnePlus 2 for $239.98

The #OnePlus2 is now available for just $239.98 courtesy of a deal available on eBay. The device might be from 2015, but is still equipped to run like a beast thanks to the Snapdragon 810 SoC underneath. The device is brand new, apparently, so you’re not settling for a refurbished product here. Considering the fact