Report: Verizon’s First OnePlus Flagship to Launch This Year With 5G Onboard

As per sources quoted by Android Police, OnePlus will release its next flagship, known as the OnePlus 8, via Verizon Wireless in the U.S. later this year. Further, the report states that the phone will be 5G enabled, adding one more flagship smartphone to Verizon’s 5G lineup. The company sells its flagship in the U.S. through T-Mobile and Sprint, so the addition of Verizon should add an extra stream of customers for OnePlus’ flagship.

This news also means that the OnePlus 8 5G will run on Verizon’s mmWave 5G network which is not widely available yet, although it offers the best speeds wherever available. It’s worth pointing out that OnePlus has previously sent its phones, including the OnePlus 7 Pro, for certification on its networks, so compatibility is not going to be a concern for OnePlus’ next flagship.

As we’ve seen in 2019, OnePlus’ flagship offers a viable 5G replacement to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 5G which are pretty expensive in the marketplace. Although it’s too early to tell if the OnePlus 8 will be as affordable as its predecessors, the company has remained pretty consistent with regards to the pricing over the past few years.

At CES 2020, OnePlus showed off a new tech that is currently in beta that would stop your OnePlus handset from overcharging. Dubbed Optimized Charging, this feature would see the phone wait an hour or two before you wake up to charge the device fully, thus saving the battery from long term damage.

While the source couldn’t provide additional details on the upcoming OnePlus flagship, it could confirm that the phone will come with the full suite of Verizon apps and services, including network features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling.

Via: Android Police

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