Always-On Display Coming to Select OnePlus Devices With a Future OxygenOS Update

  • OnePlus has confirmed that a future OxygenOS update will bring support for an always-on display.
  • The company failed to provide a proper timeline of when this update will hit OnePlus devices.
  • It is currently not known as to which devices will be compatible with the upcoming update.

While all the talk is currently about the OnePlus 8 and the 8 Pro, there’s some very good news coming in for customers of existing OnePlus flagships. The company today announced via Twitter that it will bring always-on display, a feature that has become commonplace in the mobile industry, to compatible devices with an over-the-air OxygenOS update. The tweet mentioned that this feature is on its roadmap, while there was an elaborate response from the OnePlus team on its forums, it only says they’ll keep users posted.

OnePlus has long shied away from always-on display primarily due to the fact that it can have a significant toll on a phone’s battery life. While other manufacturers have made up for this in some way, OnePlus perhaps fears that the battery life will be significantly cut down with a feature like this.

As for which devices will be compatible with this future OxygenOS update, well, there are quite a few devices in contention given that OnePlus has made AMOLED display phones for quite a few years now. However, it’s wiser to expect an update to flagships from the past two years, or to those devices that are currently supported by OnePlus.

The update should make its way to OnePlus’ beta channels before hitting all devices, so we’re hoping to get a good look at this feature when that happens.

Do you think an always-on display is long overdue on OnePlus smartphones?

Source: @OnePlus

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