OnePlus Collaborates with Genshin Impact for Limited-Edition Smartphone

Now venturing into the gaming world, OnePlus has partnered with the widely popular game, Genshin Impact. They are launching a limited-edition series of the OnePlus 11 5G smartphone, themed around the lovable chef character Xiangling from the game.

Exploring the Unique Packaging

The thematic collaboration between OnePlus and miHoYo, the creator of Genshin Impact, results in packaging inspired by a bento box from Liyue – a region within the game. This unique packaging has been designed to include two drawers housing an array of goodies and features related to the Genshin Impact universe.

Intricate imagery of characters, metal handles, and a distinctive red box housing the smartphone add to its collectible appeal. An accompanying themed book provides information about the exciting collaboration and also includes various accessories.

Features of OnePlus 11 Genshin Impact Edition

This exclusive edition boasts a high-end version of OnePlus 11 5G encompassing 256GB SSD storage paired with 16GB onboard storage. Interestingly, despite the immersive packaging and theming, inside remains a stock OnePlus 11 smartphone with its set of impressive features.

Notably, it includes gaming-specific optimizations such as HyperBoost Gaming Engine promising a lag-free performance that enhances the experience for Genshin Impact players. It also features a 120Hz display making it an impressive contender in mobile gaming devices.

What’s inside: Genshin Impact Goodies

As part of this exclusive release, there are special inclusions that any fervent fan will appreciate. Collectible cards relating to Xiangling and her companion Guoba are tucked within. These unique cards feature three distinct designs and are printed on eco-friendly metal paper.

Further delving into details, there is a sim ejector tool stylized after Guoba. Though its usage might be limited, this small addition elevates the unboxing experience by tying it to game’s lovable character.

And for creativity-loving fans out there, Xiangling-themed stickers await to be discovered inside the booklet provided.

Sale Details and Conclusion

Starting July 21 at 10 am ET, consumers residing in U.S.A and Canada will be able to purchase this limited-edition collector’s item for $799 USD and $1,114 CAD respectively. However, stocks are restricted with just 1,000 boxes on offer from OnePlus directly or alternatively at Best Buy starting from the mentioned time and date.

Registering high-demand potential among gaming enthusiasts due to its stylish merger with Genshin Impact character Xiangling-themed features coupled with advanced functionality offered by OnePlus smartphones themselves makes it worthwhile for this high-end price tag. However quick action is required given its limited stock availability factor.

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