OnePlus’ ‘Optimized Charging’ Feature Will Save Your Phone From Overcharging

With CES 2020 off to a great start at Las Vegas, multiple companies have announced new devices or technologies. One among them is OnePlus, which has revealed a new tech that it’s working on in order to save your devices from overcharging. This will reportedly be an OxygenOS feature, so we can expect it to be packed in with subsequent OS updates sent by OnePlus, although there might be a bit of waiting to do.

OnePlus calls this feature “Optimized Charging” wherein the phone will learn from your sleep habits and wait until you wake up to charge the phone to 100%. When the phone is plugged in at night, it will charge up to 80% and then stop. Then, around a hundred minutes before you wake up, the phone will charge to 100%, thus stopping the battery from being overcharged. For those concerned about security, OnePlus specifies that sleep data is stored locally on the device.

With fast charging tech so commonly available, phones only need a few hours to charge. Keeping this in mind, it makes a great deal of sense to have a feature like this on a smartphone. Optimized Charging can also put the brakes on battery degradation, although we’re yet to ascertain how effective this will be in the long run. We’re hoping other manufacturers can take a cue from this and offer a similar feature on their devices in the future.

Optimized Charging is currently available to customers of the OnePlus 7 as well as the 7 Pro as long as they have access to the OxygenOS Open Beta. The feature can be accessed by heading over to the Battery page on Settings and turning on the Optimized Charging toggle.

Via: Engadget

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