Best Gimbal for Samsung S21 Ultra: Updated 2023 (Top 5 picks)

Unlock professional-grade videography on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with a high-quality gimbal. By providing stable, shake-free motion, these compact stabilizers transform your smartphone footage into cinematic masterpieces. After extensive testing, we cut through the noise to recommend the 5 best gimbal for Samsung S21 Ultra to deliver exceptional stabilization and creative control.

1. DJI OM 5 – Best Overall

If you’re looking for the best overall gimbal for your S21 Ultra, look no further than the DJI OM 5. This impressive 3-axis stabilizer combines top-notch performance with an ultra-portable, travel-friendly design.

DJI OM 5 - Best Overall

Despite its compact size, the OM 5 delivers powerful stabilization thanks to its high-torque motors and advanced algorithms that instantly counteract unwanted shakes and vibrations. This results in incredibly smooth, fluid footage whether you’re walking, running or biking.

The integrated magnetic mount makes attaching and detaching your S21 Ultra quick and simple. And the comfortable, ergonomic handle design provides a secure grip for extended shooting sessions.

When paired with DJI’s excellent Mimo app, the OM 5 unlocks advanced shooting modes like ActiveTrack 4.0 subject tracking, hyperlapse, panoramas and dynamic zooms to take your videos to the next level.

When paired with DJI's excellent Mimo app

Throw in the foldable design, 14-hour battery life and handy accessories like a tripod and fill light, and the DJI OM 5 rises to the top as the best all-around gimbal for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

2. Zhiyun Smooth 5S – Best for Advanced Users

Serious content creators who want max creative control should check out the Zhiyun Smooth 5S. This professional-grade gimbal is packed with manual shooting modes, robust mobile apps and a premium design.

At the foundation is Zhiyun’s impressive 3-axis stabilization with powerful motors that deliver incredibly smooth, jitter-free footage in virtually any shooting scenario. Object tracking locks onto subjects with precision.

Zhiyun Smooth 5S - Best for Advanced Users

An integrated focus wheel lets you manually adjust focal length right on the handle, while dedicated buttons provide quick access to different shooting modes and parameters. Zhiyun’s mobile app unlocks advanced capabilities from timelapse to motion control.

Zhiyun's mobile app

With 360° rotation range on all axes, you can explore unique perspectives and movements. And the bright front LED light aids shooting at night or in dim environments.

If you’re looking to take full creative control over your videography and leverage the S21 Ultra’s immense potential, the Smooth 5S is an excellent “prosumer” gimbal pick.

3. Moza Mini MX – Best Compact & Portable

The Moza Mini MX stands out with its ultra-compact, lightweight design that makes it extremely portable and travel friendly. But don’t let its small size fool you – it packs impressive 3-axis stabilization and valuable features.

Moza Mini MX - Best Compact & Portable

Built-in modes like timelapse, motionlapse and panorama shooting add production value that make your videos stand out. The Mini MX’s powerful motors deliver smooth stabilization in a wide range of shooting scenarios.

Setup is quick and easy thanks to the streamlined design. The adjustable mount accommodates various S21 Ultra accessories as well. And intelligent tracking keeps moving subjects centered automatically.

With up to 16 hours of battery life per charge, you can shoot all day without worrying about recharging. The Moza Mini MX punches above its weight class, delivering professional-grade stabilization in a remarkably portable, compact package.

4. FeiyuTech Vimble 2 – Best Budget Pick

If you’re seeking great stabilization on a budget, the FeiyuTech Vimble 2 is a cost-effective option worth considering for your S21 Ultra.

This affordable 3-axis gimbal delivers smooth, stable footage thanks to FeiyuTech’s effective anti-shake algorithms. The adjustable phone mount is designed to securely hold your S21 Ultra using the included adapter.

FeiyuTech Vimble 2 - Best Budget Pick

Helpful built-in shooting modes include timelapse, slow motion and object tracking to add production value. The handle design provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip. And the battery lasts around 8 hours for full-day filming.

While it lacks some bells and whistles of premium gimbals, the Vimble 2 still produces great stabilization results. For budget-focused buyers, it’s a smart choice that helps enhance your S21 Ultra videography.

5. Zhiyun Smooth Q4 – Great Value

Striking an ideal balance of value, performance and creative capabilities, the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 is a great pairing for the S21 Ultra.

Zhiyun Smooth Q4 - Great Value

This gimbal delivers excellent stabilization thanks to its powerful motors and advanced anti-shake algorithm. The integrated zoom slider provides precise focal length control. And helpful shooting modes add creative flair and variety.

Although setup takes a few extra steps compared to other options, the process is still quick and straightforward. The adjustable mount safely holds various S21 Ultra models and accessories.

For the price, the Smooth Q4 packs in an impressive range of features, stabilization performance and creative shooting modes to take your smartphone videos up a notch.

You can also try to contact Samsung customer support and ask what the best Gimbal is; they might have other options for you to choose from.

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