How To Fix CBS All Access Not Working

CBS All Access is a video streaming service for different categories such as sports, movies, and live local news. It features a variety of content and series. You’ll also get to enjoy expanded collections of Paramount Picture films. The cost of this American streaming service depends on the available plan. It offers subscriptions with and without commercials. Unfortunately, CBS All Access isn’t for free. Thus, a subscription to any of the available plans is needed to be able to stream content.

Recently, a lot of users complained that CBS ALL access is not working. So we have come up with simple yet effective troubleshooting techniques that you can refer to in case you are experiencing the same issue when accessing CBS on your device. Make sure to check your internet speed to ensure that this isn’t an internet connection issue prior to performing the suggested tweaks below.

How To Fix CBS All Access Not Working

If All Access is not working and there is no notification about having a service outage or network being down in your area, here are the things you can try:

  1. Reboot your device. This should refresh your device operating system and dump corrupted cache that might have caused CBS to stop working. If you are streaming using your Android device, press and hold the Power button and tap Restart.
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If you are streaming CBS on your Windows computer, click the Windows logo, click the Power option, then select Restart.

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  1. Check for and install pending app update. CBS All Access app that is running on an outdated version has the tendency to act up. It is possible that the running version of the said app is no longer compatible with your device software version. Thus, an update is necessary. 

For Android users, head to Play Store > Profile icon > Manage apps and device > Updates available. Then find the CBS All Access app update. 

On a Windows computer, click the Windows or the start up logo. Then select Microsoft Store > Account menu > Downloads and updates > then click the Get updates button.

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If CBS All Access is still not working after the update, you might need to delete the app from your device system and reinstall it afterwards.

What To Do is CBS ALL Access is Still Not Working?

If you have already tried the troubleshooting tweaks provided above to no avail, here are the additional workarounds you can try:

  • Reboot your internet modem or router. This should do the trick if all of the connected devices are having trouble when surfing the net. 
  • You can also try updating the router’s firmware. Open your browser > enter the router’s IP address > go to Firmware or Update section > select your manufacturer website and download the available update. Once the update is completed, restart your router.
  • You may try using wired connection instead of the wireless network and see if it makes any difference. Note that streaming videos on CBS usually requires users to have at least 3Mbps. Otherwise, the app won’t work properly as intended.

CBS All Access is not only limited to desktop, Android, and iOS devices. You can also use this service on other gadgets such as Roku, smart TVs, XBOX and the likes. In case you are getting the same issue when streaming content in CBS, then it is possible that it’s a network problem. You can verify if there’s an on-going maintenance or outage by contacting CBS All Access Support Group.

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I hope that we are able to fix your CBS All Access issue. Please spread the news by sharing this post. We are also uploading video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for different types of smartphones. You can visit our YouTube channel and please don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for reading!

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