Upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro Rumored to Be Packing Wireless Charging

OnePlus has innovated a great deal with its smartphones and other commercial products over the past few years. But one feature missing from the company’s flagship is wireless charging. While speaking at The Vergecast podcast recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau remained skeptical about wireless charging, claiming that it’s simply not fast enough, especially compared to

Charging your Samsung Galaxy S10e and using the Wireless PowerShare

Your Samsung Galaxy S10e can charge with either wired or wireless charger and one of this year’s features is the Wireless PowerShare that turns the device into a powerbank for devices that are capable of wireless charging as well. Charging is a very straightforward process but sometimes things don’t work the way they should. In

samsung galaxy s10e won't charge

Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t charge: Here’s how to fix it…

Charging issues are among the most common power-related problems any smartphone owner may encounter. So, if your new Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t charge, it might be due to a minor problem or a sign of a serious hardware issue. In this post, I will guide you on how to troubleshoot your new Galaxy S10e that’s

What to do if your new LG V40 ThinQ isn’t charging

First off, your LG V40 ThinQ has two charging methods; wired and wireless. If one does not work, at least, you still have to other to replenish the battery. That’s always been the case with smartphones that have multiple charging methods. Seldom did it happen that both methods failed except, of course, for cases wherein

How to Add Wireless Charging to Your Phone

Wireless charging is one of the most requested features by smartphone users. IHS recently reported that wireless power receiver shipments hit just 55 million units in 2014 and more than doubled the next year. It’s easy to see why: being able to just place the smartphone on a charging pad and not have to worry

Best quick-charging Android smartphones money can buy

Charging your phone every single night after returning from work, school or a stroll around town in order to be able to start again the next morning without losing track of your Facebook friends, favorite Twitter feeds or Pinterests might well be the most annoying modern-day chore. It’s not only boring as can be, but

Galaxy Note 5 wireless charging

Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 not charging issue & other charging problems

What would you do if your #Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#GalaxyNote5) just stopped charging without apparent reason? We already addressed this issue too many times before but we’re still receiving messages from our readers complaining about it. It is evident that it may occur even without apparent cause and that’s what makes it more complicated–you

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus slow or not charging at all, fix more fast & wireless charging issues [w/ Basic Troubleshooting Guide]

It’s time to tackle some major charging issues with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgePlus). So, in this post, I will address slow charging, not charging, fast-charge feature not working, wireless charging gets disconnected and other related issues. Before anything else though, here’s a message from our reader who wants to say thanks

Samsung Fast Charger

[Deal] Samsung Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charger for $39.95

Samsung’s Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charger is now selling on eBay for just $39.95. This is a pretty attractive price considering how expensive this accessory used to be during its early days. This particular model is only compatible with the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+, so owners of other devices are out

Galaxy S7 charges very slow and keeps overheating, other issues

After a couple of months since the most recent Android Galaxy S iteration was released, we’ve noticed that more and more users are reporting issues similar to previous Galaxy S phones. We hope that this post today will help address some of the common #GalaxyS7 problems some members of our community encounters. Below are the

[Deal] Wireless charging pad for the Galaxy S6/S6 edge for $18.99

Samsung’s entire 2015 Galaxy flagship lineup supports the Qi standard wireless charging feature. While this might not be the fastest way to charge your Galaxy flagship, it sure cuts down the need for a lengthy wire to be attached to your smartphone. Well, if you’re looking to invest in one of these charging pads, eBay