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5 Best Cheap Soundbars For Under $300 In 2019

Soundbars are an excellent way to upgrade your sound setup on the cheap. However, there’s a point where soundbars aren’t much better than their cheaper counterparts. For example, a $500 soundbar is going to sound extremely similar to a $300 soundbar with very, very few differentiating factors. It’s always good to do your research before

5 Best Wireless Surround Sound Systems in 2019 For Android

With the right surround sound system, you can transform any Android smartphone and tablet into full-blown media center. Couple it with Google Chromecast or Miracast wireless display streaming technology and you’ll discover a brand-new way how to comfortable enjoy your favorite content without any hassle that comes with dedicated media players. To select the best

5 Best 4K Smart TVs In 2019

Watching media on a smartphone or tablet can be an excellent experience, but when you’re at home, maybe you want to throw that media up on the big screen. 4K Smart TVs are perfect for just that these days, offering a certain clarity, detail and quality we haven’t seen before. Not only that, but just

5 Best Cheap Soundbars For Under $200 In 2019

Tired of the canny-like sound that your stock, built-in TV speakers have? Or, maybe you’re ready to get rid of the speaker setup that you bought years ago, and now, is simply outdated. Well, good news: you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a new sound setup. In fact, you

Vizio Introduces Portable Smart Audio Line-up Powered By Android

Vizio announced today a new product category called the portable smart audio system which delivers streaming audio. This product is unlike the existing Bluetooth or wireless speakers in the market today as it offer a complete smart audio experience. While other similar speakers rely on a smartphone or tablet to get their audio, Vizio’s latest

Vizio Introduces $80 Co-Star LT Internet Media Streaming Box

Vizio has just announced a new set top box called the Co-Star LT priced at only $79.99. This looks to be an improvement to last year’s release of the Co-Star Stream Player which cost $ 100. The difference between both devices is that the Co-Star Stream Player runs on Google TV software while the Co-Star

Vizio Previews 10-Inch Tegra 4 Tablet

Vizio is reportedly preparing to release two new tablets that the company hopes will allow it to establish its name once again in the slate business. One of these is a ten-inch device that the folks at The Verge had a chance to check out. According to The Verge, the tablet is “much more than

Vizio Reveals AMD Windows 8 Tablet With 1080p Display

American consumer electronics manufacturer Vizio has just revealed an impressive Windows 8 tablet which they will be showing off at CES later this week. The company known for making flat-screen monitors has already a couple of tablet models out in the market but these are running on Android OS. This upcoming device will be their

Vizio to Release its First Set of PCs This Month

Once solely a company manufacturing televisions, Vizio is now entering the niche of personal computers. Since its work on televisions, it has expanded on tablets and Blu-Ray players. The company will be releasing its new ultrathin laptops and all-in-one computers this summer. Like many other companies today, Vizio’s designers seem to be inspired by Apple’s

Hulu Plus Coming To Vizio Tablet First

NetFlix is starting to show up all over the place in the world of Android. We’ve also gotten word that Hulu Plus is working with select Android phones.  As far as officially endorsed Android tablets, Hulu Plus is headed to the Vizio tablet first. Vizio’s 8″ tablet comes with Android 2.3, Gingerbread, instead of Android

Vizio Android Tablet Up For Pre-Order Shipping July 18th

Vizio’s 8″ Android tablet was announced at CES. In fact Vizio announced two Android devices at this time.  Vizio began showing the tablet off to media just a few weeks ago. Rob Scoble was one of the first tech journalists to report about the tablet after getting some hands on time at the Vizio offices.

VIDEO Guide To Vizio’s Android Tablet At CE Week NY

We took a little time with the upcoming Vizio tablet at CE Week NY. What we found is that it’s a solid Android tablet and a great universal remote control with endless possibilities. The Vizio tablet comes in a unique 8″ form factor. One of the best parts of this tablet is the ability to