How To Fix Vizio TV Volume Not Working

Is your Vizio TV speakers not having any audio output? There are several factors that can cause this problem such as a setting issue, software glitch, or even a hardware error. To fix this you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps on the device.

Vizio is one of the popular budget TV brands that you will usually find in Best Buy or Walmart. Their TV models usually have great features making it ideal for those who want to set up a home theater system. There are various models to choose from ranging from the regular LED TV with Full HD display up to the 75 inch Vizio Smart TV with a QLED display.

Vizio TV Sound Not Working, No Audio Output (Do This FIRST!)

Vizio TV Sound Not Working

One issue that you might experience with your Vizio TV is when the volume does not appear to be working. This can sometimes be a frustrating experience especially if you are about to watch your favorite show.

Here’s what you can do to fix Vizio TV sound problems.

Solution 1: Power cycle your Vizio TV

One common factor that can cause the Vizio TV sound problem is a software glitch. This can be due to the TV’s internal memory being overloaded or the TV’s firmware has crashed. In order to fix this you just need to power cycle your Vizio TV.

Power cycle Vizio Smart TV

Turn off the Vizio TV.

Remove all the devices plugged into your Vizio TV.

Unplug the Vizio TV from the power outlet.

Press the physical power button on your Vizio TV for about 30 seconds.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Connect the previously disconnected devices to your Vizio TV.

Plug the Vizio TV into the power outlet.

Turn on your Vizio TV using your remote control.

After power cycling try to check if the Vizio TV volume control is working.

Solution 2: Check the Vizio TV remote control

Are you trying to increase the Vizio TV volume using the remote control but are not getting a response? This might be caused by an issue with the remote control. To verify this, try using the physical volume buttons on your TV. If the volume control works then the problem is caused by your remote control.

It’s likely that the batteries of your TV remote are already weak. Try replacing this with new ones.

Replacng batteries from the remote control

Open the battery cover found at the back of the Vizio remote.

Remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

Press the power button of the Vizio remote for at least 5 seconds to drain any residual power.

Put in the new batteries.

Make sure to only use new batteries and not old or used batteries. You shouldn’t mix new and old batteries as well.

You should check for poor battery contact as this will prevent the TV remote from being used. Make sure that the battery fits tightly and is making contact with the battery terminals of the remote control.

In case you don’t have any new batteries available at the moment then you can try power cycling the remote by performing these steps.

Remove the batteries out of your remote.

Press the power button of the Vizio remote for at least 5 seconds to drain any residual power.

Reinsert the batteries.

You should also make sure to point the TV remote to the infrared sensor of the TV. ake sure that the IR sensor located on the TV has not been covered or obscured. A blocked TV sensor will prevent you from using the remote properly.

Solution 3: Check audio settings output

You need to make sure that your Vizio TV is not set to mute. Press the mute button on the remote control to verify if the mute has been activated. You should also press the volume up button on the remote to increase the volume as it might be set to a very low level.

Solution 5: Make sure nothing is connected to the TV audio output jacks

Most Vizio TVs will have a headphone jack to connect headphones or external speakers. If there is an audio output device device connected to the headphone jack then the internal speakers of your Vizio TV will not work.

Try removing any external device connected to the 3.5mm jack. If you would like to use the audio system connectected to the 3.5mm jack then make sure to select the correct TV sound setting output from the settings menu.

After removing the external devices connected to the headphone jack try checking if the Vizio TV no sound issue still occurs.

Solution 6: Check the HDMI cable connections of Audio Video devices connected to the TV

If you have a device connected to the HDMI port of your Vizio TV such as a cable or satellite box, gaming consoles, streaming device, or even a sound bar then you need to make sure that make sure the HDMI cables are connected securely.

Solution 7: Turn Off DTS TruSurround on your Vizio TV

Vizio TVs will usually have a surround sound feature found in its advanced audio settings menu. Having this feature on will usually cause a conflict with some of the programs you are watching. Try turning the surround sound from the audio settings menu then check if this fixes the problem.

Go to Main Menu.

Go to Audio Settings.

Go to Advanced Audio.

Turn off DTS TruSurround.

Solution 8: Update the Vizio TV to the latest software version

You should make sure that the Vizio TV software installed is the latest update. The old software version might have an existing firmware bug that is causing TV volume issues.

Updating Vizio firmware

  • Press the Menu button on the Vizio tv remote.
  • Locate the System tab and select check for updates.
  • If any update is available then download it.

After the new firmware has been installed try to check if the sound on your Vizio TV is working.

Solution 9: Factory reset your Vizio TV

Sometimes a corrupted TV settings or a glitch in the TV software can cause this problem. In order to fix this you will need to perform a factory reset. This will allow you TV to go back factory defaults.

Reset to factory settings

Using the Vizio remote, navigate to the menu.

Go to Settings, then System, and finally OK.

Select “Reset TV to factory defaults”.

If you do not have the parental code, when requested for a password, enter 0 0 0 0 0.

Choose “Reset” and hit OK.

Allow your television to switch off.

Once the restart operation has been completed you will need to setup the TV.

After the TV has reverted to its factory settings try checking if the audio issue has been fixed.

Solution 8: Contact Vizio support

If after performing the troubleshooting steps listed above the sound problem persists then you should contact the nearest Vizio TV service center for assistance as this might already be caused by a faulty hardware component.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there no sound on my Vizio TV?

    This could be due to the TV set to mute, volume is low, or there is sound system connected to your TV that is not working.

  2. Why does my Vizio TV volume keep going up?

    This is usually caused by the remote control volume button that is stuck or constantly pressed. Try removing the batteries of the remote then check if the issue still occurs. If it doesn’t then the problem is most likely caused by your remote control.

  3. How do I adjust the Vizio volume without the remote?

    Your Vizio TV has a physical volume settings buttons which you can use to increase or decrease the volume level . You can use this to change the volume in case your remote does not work.

  4. Why can’t I change my TV sound settings?

    This might be caused by a temporary software glitch. Restarting your TV will usually fix this problem.

  5. Why does my Vizio TV keep turning on and off repeatedly?

    It’s likely that this is caused by a loose power cord. Make sure that the power cord is secured tightly to the electrical outlet. If it is and the issue persists then you will need to contact Vizio customer service for assistance.

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  1. Our Vizio tv will only go to loud volume. It’s either loud or no volume. When we try to turn up, it immediately goes all the way to loud. Any suggestions?

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