How To Fix Vizio TV Screen Is Flickering

Is your Vizio TV screen flickering? There are various factors that can cause this issue such as a software glitch, settings issue or even loose HDMI cables. To fix this, you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

Vizio is a popular American TV brand that’s usually sold n Best Buy and Walmart. Vizio TVs are known for being competitively priced when compared to the leading brands. There are various models to choose from ranging from the regular LED TV with Full HD display up to the 75 inch Vizio Smart TV with a QLED display.

Why is my Vizio TV screen suddenly flickering?

Why is my Vizio TV screen suddenly flickering?

Screen flickering is one of the issues that you might encounter with Vizio TVs. This can happen after you turn on the TV or when watching you favorite show. Sometimes the flickering screen problem disappears on its own but more often you will need to find out what’s causing it.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Vizio TV screen flickering problems.

Solution 1: Power cycle your Vizio TV

One factor that can cause the Vizio TV screen flickering issue is a software glitch. This can be due to the TV’s internal memory being overloaded or the TV’s firmware has crashed. In order to fix this you just need to power cycle your Vizio TV.

Power cycle Vizio Smart TV

Turn off the Vizio TV.

Remove all the devices plugged into your Vizio TV such as HDMI cords .

Unplug the power cord of the Vizio TV from the power outlet.

Press the physical power button on your Vizio TV for about 30 seconds to remove any residual power.

Wait for 10 minutes.

Connect the previously disconnected devices to your Vizio TV HDMI ports.

Plug the Vizio TV power cable into the power outlet.

Turn on your TV using the Vizio remote. Make sure that the power light is on.

After power cycling try to check if the Vizio TV flickering screen issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Reset the Vizio TV Picture Settings

There’s a possibility that you made certain picture setting changes that it causing this Vizio TV flickering screen issue. If you don’t know what picture settings you changes that’s causing the issue then you can just reset the picture settings.

Reset picture settings

Press the MENU button on the remote.

Highlight Picture and press OK.

Highlight More and press the Right Arrow button.

Highlight Reset Picture Mode and press the OK button on the remote.

The TV will display a message asking you to confirm or cancel the reset.

Use the Right and Left Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the confirmation button (usually labeled Reset) and press OK button.

Solution 3: Adjust Vizio TV picture settings

The Vizio screen flickering issue might be caused by certain picture settings which you need to adjust.

Turn off Ambient Lighting

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Head to Picture.

Switch Picture Mode to Custom.

Tap More.

Toggle off Ambient Light Sensor.

Turn off Backlight Control

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Head to Picture.

Select More.

Disable Backlight Control.

Turn off Adaptive Luma

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Head to Picture.

Switch Picture Mode to Custom.

Tap More.

Toggle off Advanced Adaptive Luma.

Turn off Clear Action

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Head to Picture.

Go to Advanced Picture Settings.

Toggle off Clear Action.

Turn off HDR

Press the Menu button on your remote.

Head to Picture.

Go to Advanced Picture Settings.

Select HDMI Function.

Toggle off HDR.

After making these setting changes try to check if the Vizio TV flashing screen issue still occurs.

Solution 4: Check all connections

One of the causes of the Vizio TV flickering issue is bad HDMI connections. Try removing the HDMI cables then plug them back in making sure that they are secured tightly. There are instances when the issue is caused by a faulty HDMI cable. If this is what’s causing the problem then you will need to use a different HDMI cable.

Solution 5: Update the Vizio TV to the latest software version

You should check if there are any new Vizio TV OS updates available for download. The old software version your TV is running on might have an existing firmware bug that is causing TV flicker issues.

Updating Vizio firmware

  • Press the Menu button on the Vizio tv remote.
  • Locate the System tab and select check for updates.
  • If any update is available then download it.

After the new firmware has been installed try to check if the Vizio TV flickering issue still occurs.

Solution 6: Factory reset your Vizio TV

Sometimes a corrupted TV settings or a glitch in the TV software can cause the Vizio Tv flickering problem. In order to fix this you will need to perform a factory reset. This will allow you TV to go back factory defaults.

Vizio TV full factory reset

Using the Vizio remote, navigate to the menu.

Go to Settings, then System, and finally OK.

Select “Reset TV to factory defaults”.

If you do not have the parental code, when requested for a password, enter 0 0 0 0 0.

Choose “Reset” and hit OK.

Allow your television to switch off.

Once the restart operation has been completed you will need to setup the TV.

After the TV has reverted to its factory settings try checking if the flickering issue has been fixed.

Solution 7: Contact Vizio support

If after performing the troubleshooting steps listed above the screen is still flickering then you should contact the nearest Vizio TV service center for assistance as this might already be caused by a faulty hardware component such as a damaged ambient light sensor, malfunctioning backlight, or even a faulty liquid crystal display.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my Vizio TV screen always flickering?

    Your TV screen will flicker due to various factors. To fix this you just need to perform these troubleshooting steps.
    Unplug Vizio TV from the wall.
    Reset your Vizio TV Picture Settings.
    Adjust Brightness and Backlight Control Settings.
    Turn off Ambient Light Sensor.
    Try various Picture Modes.
    Try different Video Sources and inspect all connections.
    Update Vizio TV OS.
    Factory reset Vizio TV.

  2. Why does my Vizio TV keep turning on and off repeatedly?

    It’s likely that this is caused by a loose power cord. Make sure that the power cord is secured tightly to the electrical outlet. If it is and the issue persists then you will need to contact Vizio customer service for assistance.

  3. How to Adjust the Colors on a Vizio to Be Correct?

    If you are using a cable box or other external device make sure that its HDMI cord is connected tightly.
    Press the menu button on the remote then highlight “Picture Mode” and press “Enter.” Press the left/right arrow buttons and select “Vivid,” “Golf,” “Basketball,” “Game,” “Baseball,” “Standard,” “Movie” or “Custom” picture mode, whatever picture mode best describes how you most often watch TV. Press the down arrow button and select “Color.” Press the left/right arrow buttons and adjust the color.

  4. What is a dead pixel?

    A dead pixel shows up as a small dark dot on the screen.

  5. How Much Does It Cost to the TV Screen?

    Replacing the TV screen is usually free if your TV is still under Vizio warranty. If not, then the price will depend on what TV model you have.

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