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How to fix Samsung Galaxy A9 (2019) that won’t turn on

Firmware issues may occur from time to time even to new phones like the Samsung Galaxy A9 and while some symptoms will make you worry, more often than not they’re minor problem that you can fix on your own. Among the most common problems you may encounter is when your device no longer turns on

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s with Black Screen of Death issue

The black screen of death is one of the most common issues today that even new smartphones like your Samsung Galaxy A6s may encounter it. This problem is characterized by a powered down screen and an unresponsive device. That said, you will only be seeing black screen and your phone won’t respond no matter how

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s with Black Screen of Death issue

The Black Screen of Death issue has become more popular these days not because it’s a serious problem but because there’s always a tendency that a phone’s firmware may crash from time to time. This issue happens to flagship and new devices including the Samsung Galaxy A6s. In this post, I will walk you through

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 that won’t turn on?

If you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it won’t turn on out of the box, just put it back in together with all its accessories and manuals and return it to the store and have it replaced. Manufacturers make sure that their devices are working out of the factory and their