Surface Duo

Video Shows Dual-Screen Surface Duo Running Google Maps

A new video from Microsoft’s developer event reveals how the Surface Duo can run apps like Google Maps on both screens. It is said that initial demonstrations of Google Maps on the device failed, but the company quickly rectified its mistakes. The Surface Duo was previously spotted on a Canadian train, suggesting that the development

Surface Duo

Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo With Android Spotted in the Wild

A source managed to spot the foldable Microsoft Surface Duo in Vancouver’s SkyTrain. The image reveals a mysterious new white spot next to the camera sensor which is likely an LED flash. This phone is believed to be a test device currently being used by one of Microsoft’s engineers or hardware testing team. Microsoft’s Surface

How To Fix Microsoft Surface Go Won't Turn On Issue

How To Fix Microsoft Surface Go Won’t Turn On Issue

The Microsoft Surface Go is a 2 in 1 device that delivers the performance of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. It was first released in 2018 and runs on Windows 10. Its 10 inch screen can be detached from the keyboard cover, allowing for a more compact system. Although this is a

Best Xbox Emulators For Android In 2020

Remember the original Xbox from years and years ago? It seems like the console has faded out of people’s memories as bigger and brighter things take its place, such as the Xbox 360 right after it, followed by the Xbox One, and now, the Xbox One X. But, if you want to still play with

Best Android-compatible fitness trackers money can buy

Whether you prefer to call them fitness trackers, activity trackers, fitness bands, or perhaps smart bands, these poor men’s smartwatches are spreading like wildfire. According to the International Data Corporation, three of the four wearable industry-leading manufacturers in Q3 2015 were specialized in such basic, low-cost gadgets, with Fitbits somehow managing even to beat the

Xbox Console Streaming

Microsoft Announces Xbox Console Streaming for Android

Microsoft today has announced a new feature that will please Android and Xbox gamers. Known as Xbox Console Streaming, this feature allows users with an Android device to stream practically any Xbox One or Xbox 360 game that they play on their Xbox One including Xbox Game Pass titles. Microsoft specifies that this applies to

Microsoft’s Foldable Display Device Could Run Android Apps

According to a new report obtained by Forbes courtesy of sources at research firm IHS Markit, Microsoft’s much rumored upcoming foldable display tablet/computer will come with the ability to run Android apps. This is something that Microsoft has been teasing for quite a while with Project Astoria, although it is now cancelled, there’s no reason

Samsung Galaxy C7

Tipster claims Samsung is working on a new virtual assistant

According to a new report coming from a self proclaimed #Samsung tipster, the Korean manufacturer is currently working on a personal assistant for its mobile devices. While not much is revealed about the software side of things, it is being mentioned that this will be loosely based off the company’s S Voice application, which has served

Best keyboards for Android tablets available today

They say laptops are for productivity, smartphones for voice and message interaction, while a tablet’s primary goal in life should traditionally be to keep you entertained on the move when a handheld feels small. But times are a-changing, and so, it’s no longer unusual to check out 1,080p, Quad HD or even 4K videos on


Cortana on Android now supports “Hey Cortana” voice commands

The open nature of #Android allows third party manufacturers to release apps which are in theory quite identical to some of Google’s own apps. Take Microsoft’s #Cortana for example. This app has been available on Android for quite some time now and has been doing pretty much the same things as #GoogleNow, but sans the

Skype for Business arriving on Android soon

#Microsoft has announced the imminent arrival of the #Skype for Business app on #Android. The company is already offering a preview version of the app on Android which can be tried out, but will offer a proper release at a later date. Unfortunately, Microsoft has failed to divulge details on when the app will exit the

Microsoft Office apps to now come preloaded on ASUS devices

#ASUS devices will soon start seeing Microsoft’s #Office apps pre-installed, thanks to a licensing deal struck between the two companies. #Microsoft said that this “opens the door to the kind of collaboration between Microsoft and ASUS made possible only through mutual respect and alignment on intellectual property.” A large number of Android manufacturers have signed

Google And Microsoft Resolve Patent Disputes

After over 5 years, Google and Microsoft have come to an agreement to resolve most of their nearly 20 patent-related lawsuits against each other. These lawsuits were mainly in the United States and Germany, and disputes will be resolved in both countries. According to Bloomberg: “The companies pledged in a statement to work together in other ways