Leak Reveals ‘Peek’ Feature on the Microsoft Surface Duo While Also Hinting at a Launch Date

  • Microsoft’s Surface Duo is in the spotlight again, this time for its new feature known as “Peek” that lets users check out the notifications on their phone without having to fully open the device.
  • This feature is expected to make handling a large device like the Surface Duo easier.
  • The video posted on Twitter also reveals a potential release date for the Surface Duo.

Microsoft has been extremely ambitious with its hardware over the past few years and has even announced its entry into the dual-screen segment with the Surface Duo. This foldable phone is akin to the Samsung Galaxy Fold in terms of the way it is designed, but the company has managed to offer a distinctive edge to this handset thanks to not only hardware but also some built-in software features. Today, a leak on Twitter detailed one of these software additions that will be essential for a phone like the Surface Duo.

Peek on Surface Duo

This feature known as “Peek”, allows you to slightly open the Surface Duo and find relevant details like the time/date as well as notifications on the right edge of the screen. You will also be able to interact with the notifications on Peek. Thanks to the large display real estate on offer, even the slightest of “peeks” can offer a detailed view of all your notifications. This leak comes courtesy of Twitter source @h0x0d.

The Surface Duo has been part of several leaks over the past few weeks with one showing the phone running Google Maps on both screens. With Microsoft holding developer events for the smartphone, more leaks are expected to follow. Given the new form factor, it is crucial to have all the developers on board before the big release. This is why despite confirming the phone’s existence in late 2019, Microsoft doesn’t quite have a concrete release timeframe yet.

Interestingly, the video posted on Twitter mentions the date 06/18/2020. Could this be Microsoft’s way of suggesting that the Surface Duo will launch on this day? If true, this means there’s still under four months to go for the arrival of this dual-screen giant by Microsoft.

The company originally showed off Peek back during the Surface Duo’s October 2019 announcement event, but this new leak gives us a closer glimpse of the feature.


What do you make of the Surface Duo and its features that we’ve learned about so far?

Source: @h0x0d

Via: ZDNet

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