Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo With Android Spotted in the Wild

  • A source managed to spot the foldable Microsoft Surface Duo in Vancouver’s SkyTrain.
  • The image reveals a mysterious new white spot next to the camera sensor which is likely an LED flash.
  • This phone is believed to be a test device currently being used by one of Microsoft’s engineers or hardware testing team.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is expected to be announced later this year. This smartphone is expected to be a game-changer not only because it’s Microsoft’s first full Android device, but it also comes with a foldable display that works quite similar to the Galaxy Fold in practice but is somewhat larger. Just as we lead up to the launch of the Surface Duo, it seems like Microsoft is hard at work making some adjustments to this device.

Surface Duo

A source managed to spot the Surface Duo on Vancouver, Canada’s SkyTrain. This indicates that the phone originated from Microsoft’s Vancouver campus and that it is likely a test device being used by the company’s engineers.

We’ve seen several phones leaking out in the past in this fashion, so it’s not really a surprise. However, the image reveals a mysterious new white spot next to the camera sensor. While this was not shown off with the Surface Duo during Microsoft’s announcement, it’s likely that the company is considering adding an LED flash in that area.

Surface Duo

This also makes sense when we consider the fact that the Surface Duo doesn’t have a rear camera, so it’s likely that the solitary camera will have to perform multiple duties. Bear in mind that this is only speculation at this point, so we suggest you take this with a pinch of salt. We’re hoping leaks in the future will give us a better idea about what the Surface Duo has to offer.

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Source: @yzraeu

Via: Android Police

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