Bose Launches Portable Home Speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant

If you thought there aren’t enough portable speakers with voice assistants, Bose is now offering another option. Known as the Portable Home Speaker, this device can offer 360-degree sound along with support for voice assistants like Google Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. As you would expect, this speaker runs on battery and connects to

6 Best Acer Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Below are the best deals from Acer for Amazon’s Prime Day.  These deals are meant for Prime Day only, and prices mentioned below will likely change after Prime day (July 15, 2019). You also do need to be a Amazon Prime member to get these deals, you can get a 30 day free trial here.

Echo Show 5 - Desk

Amazon Brings Alexa to a Smaller Screen with the Echo Show 5

Amazon earlier today announced the Echo Show 5, a smaller version of the Echo Show smart display. This is designed as an on-the-desk display that can respond to voice commands and control various smart home devices. This is somehow cheaper than the Echo Spot, which we can only put down to the latter’s unique circular

Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablet Giveaway

If you are looking for a simple tablet just for basic tasks such as surfing the web, checking emails, playing games, and watching videos, then look no further than the Amazon Fire HD 6.  It has a powerful processor to run most apps you need, and has a fantastic HD display with over a million

Amazon Says Black Friday Weekend Kindle Sales Doubled From Last Year

Amazon is saying that their Kindle sales have nearly doubled over this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. That’s great! Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t going to be releasing their sales figures for their Kindles, so we won’t get to see statistics side-by-side from last year’s Black Friday weekend. In addition to that, Amazon isn’t even saying

Best back-to-school Android tablets for 2016

As smartphones grow in size and affordability, and laptops shrink their prices to stay afloat, tablets find themselves in a seemingly inescapable chokehold. The textbook definition of a passing fad, they rapidly soared half a decade back at the expense of uninspired netbooks, and are now in the process of becoming obsolete as “the next

Kindle Fire HD 7

[Deal] 5th-gen Amazon Kindle Fire 7 for $49

The 7-inch #Amazon #KindleFire is now available on eBay for just $49. Going by the cost, you’ve probably guessed that this is no specs monster. But considering the price that it’s selling for, one can easily look over that aspect. This is designed to be a budget tablet, which justifies the price tag as well. In

Amazon Fire Tablet

[Deal] 5th gen Amazon Fire Tablet 7 for $49

The 2016 #Amazon #FireTablet is now selling via eBay for $49. The seller is offering the 7-inch version of the tablet, which is arguably the cheapest offering compared to contemporary offerings. There’s a ton of cool features on board here, so don’t write it off just because it’s priced cheaply. The Fire Tablet comes with a

Amazon adds ‘Family Vault’ to Prime Photos

In a bid to become more competitive compared to rival photo sharing sites, #Amazon has added a new “Family Vault” feature to Prime Photos. This is basically an extensive photo/video sharing feature that lets Prime users invite up to five friends or relatives to collaborate/view your photo library. The members you add don’t have to

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited officially announced for $9.99/month

#Amazon has just unveiled its #Spotify killer, aptly named Music Unlimited with a monthly subscription cost of $9.99. The service is only $7.99 if you’re an existing owner of any of the #Echo devices or a Prime subscriber, which makes this a steal, really. The cost comes down to just $3.99 if you intend to

Fire TV Stick

Amazon launches new Fire TV Stick with Alexa powered remote

#Amazon has upgraded the popular Fire TV Stick, with one important addition – Alexa voice assistant. This is done via the remote that is supplied with the Fire TV Stick, which comes with a dedicated Alexa button to receive voice commands. This feature will no doubt make it an attractive proposition for customers who are

Amazon Fire HD 8

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with Alexa on board

Amazon has just taken the wraps off its new Fire HD 8 tablet, which comes with Alexa on board. In addition to this attractive voice assistant service, the tablet also comes with a handy specs sheet underneath. However, this won’t contend with the high-end tablets that are available out there. This is evident by the starting

Moto G4

The bootloader on the Prime Exclusive Moto G4 is permanently locked

#Motorola has officially confirmed through its support pages that the Amazon Prime Exclusive #MotoG4 has a permanently locked bootloader. This has come as a surprise to many as Motorola’s new wave of unlocked devices usually come with an unlockable bootloader. It goes without saying that Amazon has enforced this on Motorola in order to keep

Nextbit Robin

[Deal] Nextbit Robin for $239 from Amazon

As we all know, today (July 12) is Amazon’s Prime Day, where the retailer offers a multitude of deals and discounts on products exclusively for Prime subscribers. One of the best smartphone deals we’ve come across today is on the #NextbitRobin, which is currently selling for just $239, down from its usual price of $299.