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Top 15 Android Apps To Boost Productivity

Looking for ways to make the most out of your day? We know how easy it is to get bogged down when much is expected from us day in and day out. Kids, school, work, meetings, events, errands are just some of these things. Any one of them can sometimes tie us down so bad that we

How to Add Wireless Charging to Your Phone

Wireless charging is one of the most requested features by smartphone users. IHS recently reported that wireless power receiver shipments hit just 55 million units in 2014 and more than doubled the next year. It’s easy to see why: being able to just place the smartphone on a charging pad and not have to worry

How To Get Verified On Xbox

Did you know that you can get verified on Xbox One? If you didn’t, well, you’re right, you can’t! In most cases, you cannot get verified on Xbox. Microsoft does have a system in place for getting verified on Xbox, but it won’t work for the general public. It won’t even work for celebrities or

How To Unlock A Blacklisted Phone

So you’ve been shopping around, and you finally went out and purchased a smartphone as a private party. You get in touch with your carrier, only to find out that they cannot unlock it because it’s blacklisted! You now essentially have a paperweight sitting on your desk that you can’t use because of that blacklisting.

Solutions to “Mobile Network Not Available” error on Galaxy S10

Fixing “Mobile Network Not Available” error on your Galaxy is not straightforward. Although a lot of times the solution is within the grasp of a user, there may also be cases wherein deeper troubleshooting is necessary. Learn how to fix this problem by following our troubleshooting below. Before we proceed, we want to remind you

How To Reset Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is becoming one of the popular smartwatch choices available in the market today. This reason behind this is that has several health and fitness features comparable to the leading models yet is being sold at an affordable price. New owners of this device will usually want to know how to reset it

How To Hide Photos On Galaxy S8

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S8 is one of the premium Android smartphones that has a great camera allowing it to take amazing photos even in low light conditions. A lot of people right now are using this phone to upload their videos or photos to the popular social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat

How To Fix WiFi Won’t Turn On For Android Phones

Are you having a difficult time turning on the Wi-Fi switch of your Android phone? If you are then you have come to the right place as we will be dealing with this particular issue in this article. As we all know a smartphones main strength is its ability to go online. While you can

What to do if Galaxy S10 can’t make or receive phone calls

Are you having trouble with calls on your Galaxy S10? If your device is unable to make or receive a call, then this article should help you troubleshoot it. Make sure to follow the troubleshooting steps in the order we present in order to efficiently know the cause of your trouble. Before we proceed, we

How To Screen Mirror To TV on Galaxy S10 Using Samsung Smart View App

The #Samsung #Galaxy #S10 is the latest flagship phone of the South Korean company that has been recently released in the market. This is a significant upgrade over last year’s flagship device that uses more powerful hardware components. This device now uses a large 6.1 inch Super AMOLED display, has triple rear camera system, and

How To Turn Off Autocorrect On Galaxy Note 9

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note9 is one of the best mobile devices to use when sending and receiving text messages due to the fact that the phone has a large 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display. There are however instances when you try to compose a text message the phone seems to change the word you are