How to fix Alcatel Idol 5S that won’t turn on (easy steps)

We have some readers that own the Alcatel Idol 5S that contacted us about a problem wherein their devices reportedly turned off by themselves and would no longer respond or turn on. The screen are said to be black and unresponsive. The same is true with the buttons. Needless to say, those units seem to

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that turned off and won’t respond

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the most powerful smartphones available in the market today but it’s not free of problems and errors. In fact, some owners of the device contacted us about it saying that their units turned off and would no longer respond after that. The phone remains unresponsive no matter

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A10 that turned off and not responding

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is an entry-level device but it has some competitive hardware specs plus the fact that it runs Android 9 Pie out of the box. Compared to its competitors, you can easily distinguish its advantage. However, some owners of this device complained because it reportedly turned off by itself and not responding

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A70 that won’t turn on

When a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy A70 suddenly powered down and won’t turn on, the problem could either be with the hardware or the software. As the owner, you should be the first one to know if the phone has suffered a drop that may have caused some physical damage, or if it has

What to do if Samsung Galaxy A20 died and won’t turn back on

There were owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 who reported to us about a problem involving some using that reportedly died and won’t turn back on. In other words, those units powered down by themselves and when users pressed and held the power key to turn them back on, they would neither respond nor power

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s with Black Screen of Death issue

The black screen of death is one of the most common issues today that even new smartphones like your Samsung Galaxy A6s may encounter it. This problem is characterized by a powered down screen and an unresponsive device. That said, you will only be seeing black screen and your phone won’t respond no matter how