Motorola Edge+

Motorola Returns to the Flagship Market With the Edge and Edge+ 5G

Motorola has announced the Verizon-exclusive Edge+ 5G today with a price tag of $999.99. This was accompanied by the entry-level Motorola Edge which will be available unlocked later this year. The 5G Edge+ will be available on Verizon starting May 14. Just as leaks suggested a few days ago, Motorola has now announced the Edge

Moto G Stylus

Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power Listed on Google Fi

Moto G Stylus and the Moto G Power will be available via Google Fi soon. Google has previously offered Motorola phones through its dedicated network. There’s no word on when the two phones will start selling on Fi, although a countrywide launch is expected this Friday. The Moto G Stylus and the Moto G Power

Moto Edge+

Moto Edge+ 5G With Curved Edges Will Be Announced on April 22

Motorola has announced via Twitter that it will launch a new flagship smartphone on the 22nd of April. The phone could likely be known as the Edge+ 5G and it may also have a cheaper variant known as the Edge. The teaser posted by Motorola suggests that the phone will have a bezel-less curved display.

Motorola’s Upcoming 5G Phone Confirmed to Be Launching via Verizon

Verizon has confirmed that it will carry Motorola’s upcoming 5G smartphone. The company gave out the information in a blog post while detailing how it reached speeds of 4.2 Gbps on its mmWave 5G network. Motorola and Verizon have refused to provide any additional information on this mystery 5G smartphone. This 5G toting phone was

Moto Razr 2019

Durability test finds Moto Razr breaking down after 27,000 folds

A durability test video revealed that the Moto Razr 2019 stopped functioning after only 27,000 folds. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, in comparison, reportedly lasted for at least 120,000 folds before coming apart. Moto hasn’t responded to this durability test video, but it’s unlikely the company will stay silent for too long. The 2019 Moto Razr

Top 10 Android selfie phones with front-facing LED flash cameras

Selfies. First, they were dubbed as narcissistic by many, and while that may have been true at the time, selfies have evolved beyond just narcissistic photos of yourself. Now, they’re an excellent way to capture memories with a group of friends and family at events and on trips. The cameras themselves have evolved in quality,

How to fix Motorola Moto E4 that won’t turn on (easy steps)

Released in 2017, the Motorola Moto E4 is one of the entry-level devices that actually got very positive reviews from its owners. It’s not as premium as the flagships but it gets the job done. We have received some complaints from our readers about this phone and the most common issue is that the phone

13 Best Small Android Smartphones Available Today

Bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better, we dissect the best small smartphone. You may find it hard to score a half-decent small Android handheld these days, but despite the undeniable mainstream rise of phablets, there’s still demand devices you can easily slide in and out of your standard-issue trouser pocket. Before setting out on a quest