LG G5 Restarts Randomly Issue & Other Related Problems

The #LG #G5 is a flagship smartphone released in 2016 that has a modular design. Consumers will be able to attach several add ons to it to enhance its features further. The phone itself is quite good having a 5.3 inch IPS LCD Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, dual

How to hard reset an LG G5

Hard reset refers to factory reset or master reset. This basically means wiping the phone’s internal storage and reverting all software settings to their defaults. All settings, app data, and user customizations will be deleted by hard reset. If you don’t want to lose your files such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc., be sure

5 Best Smartphones with the Most RAM

Whether you want to play the latest games or enjoy unlimited multitasking, a smartphone with a large amount of RAM is the way to go. We have selected top 5 best smartphones with so much RAM that you would have to try very hard to fill it up. RAM Versus ROM Before we go any

10 Best Dual SIM Android Smartphones 2020 Edition

Dual SIM Android smartphones are not only extremely practical, but they are also becoming increasingly more common with each passing year. Users can use two SIM cards to take advantage of more affordable mobile data plans, consolidate personal phone calls with business, or as a way how to stay connected when traveling internationally. But which

How to fix LG G5 Titan fingerprint scanner is missing issue

We’ve been getting reports of many LG devices missing their fingerprint scanner. Due to some of them are in good shape physically, we don’t attribute the problem to a hardware fault. Rather, we think that most of them are caused by a bad app or software glitch. Learn how to deal with this issue on

LG G5 Will Not Charge Issue & Other Related Problems

The #LG #G5 is a former flagship device released in 2016 that is best known for having a modular design. This is the feature of the phone where consumers can attach add ons to it to further enhance the features of the device. One other outstanding feature of the phone is its rear camera setup.

How to screenshot on LG G5

There are two easy ways to capture screenshots on your LG G5. Learn how to do them by following the steps below. Method 1: How to screenshot on LG G5 using hardware buttons Taking a screenshot using hardware buttons is simple. To do it, just press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously and