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Beats Pill Plus Vs JBL Charge 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers In 2019

It can be quite difficult choosing between Bluetooth speakers. With so many Bluetooth speakers out in the wild, it can be difficult to tell which ones are good, which ones are better than the other, and then what Bluetooth speakers are just not even worth looking at. Today, we’re going to tell you all about

5 Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers In 2019

One of the best ways to create a surround sound experience in any room is to install ceiling speakers. If you’ve never done that before, it may seem a bit intimidating, but between easy installation processes and extensive online tutorials, we’re confident that you’ve got this. So today, we’re sharing with you our top 5

5 Best Studio Monitors Under $300 In 2019

If you’ve ever used a pair of stock speakers before, or even a budget-level set of Bluetooth speakers, you know just how bad your computer audio can sound. There actually aren’t a lot of great PC speakers out there for a decent price, at least as far as value for money goes. And, one of

JBL Xtreme

[Deal] JBL Xtreme Splash-Proof Bluetooth speakers for $179

The #JBL #Xtreme Bluetooth speakers are now available online for just $179. These are splash-proof speakers, which means you can use it during rains or even wash it under a running tap if you please. But be reminded that this isn’t a waterproof device, so you probably shouldn’t submerge it in water. As for the hardware

JBL SoundBoost

[Deal] JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod for $64.99

The #JBL #SoundBoost #MotoMod is now available on eBay for just $64.99. This is only compatible with the Moto Z series of smartphones, which is essential to keep in mind before purchasing the item. The Moto Mods were introduced by Lenovo a couple of months ago as part of the Moto Z announcement. There’s a

JBL Charge 2

[Deal] JBL Charge 2+ splash proof Bluetooth speakers for $99.99

Those looking to get decent Bluetooth speakers will want to turn their attention towards eBay, where a seller is offering the splash proof JBL Charge 2+ for just $99.99. This is not a refurbished item, so you’re getting a brand new unit for this price, which makes this deal even sweeter. It’s not known at

JBL Charge 2

[Deal] Splash proof JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth speakers for $104.99

JBL’s Charge 2+ Bluetooth speakers can now be yours for a miserly $104.99 thanks to a new deal running on eBay. These speakers are meant for your outdoor camps and other outings, while it’s also perfectly capable of filling up a decently sized room with music. Given the nature of these speakers, JBL has made them

JBL Android Auto

JBL’s Legend CP100 Android Auto head unit will ship Feb. 14

Customers who have pre-ordered the JBL Legend CP100 #AndroidAuto and #AppleCarPlay head units will be able to get it on their cars very soon. The company has announced that the head units will start shipping out on the 14th of February, but only for those who pre-ordered it. You might have to wait slightly longer if you’re

JBL Charge 2

[Deal] JBL Charge 2 speakers now available for $99.99

The #JBL Charge 2 speakers can now be yours for a decent $99.99 via eBay. This is a $50 off on the standard asking price, which makes this well worth your attention. The JBL Charge 2 speakers are Bluetooth operated and can be carried around outdoors and can also be used personally. Given the size

OnePlus E1+

OnePlus and JBL launch the premium E1+ headphones

The makers of OnePlus One have entered the accessories business as of recently. And after launching an affordable pair of earbuds for audiophiles, the manufacturer has now launched a premium pair of headphones called the E1+. Interestingly, OnePlus has launched these headphones in partnership with JBL which is known for its premium line of music accessories.