How to fix screen flickering issue on Samsung Galaxy A9 (2019)

A screen flickering issue may also occur to new devices like the newly released Samsung Galaxy A9 and while most of the cases we encountered were due to software-related issues, there is always a possibility that the flickering is caused by a hardware problem. As the owner of the phone, you should be the first

How to fix unresponsive touch screen on Samsung Galaxy S9

More often than not, when your Samsung Galaxy S9 has an unresponsive touch screen, it means that the firmware has crashed leaving the device unresponsive and it may not be the screen that’s unresponsive but the entire phone. When this happens, your device neither responds when the power or volume keys are pressed. When you

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10e with screen flickering issue

The screen flickering issue in your Samsung Galaxy S10e could be just a minor problem with the firmware or it could also be a serious issue with the hardware depending on how the problem started. If the display started flickering without apparent reason, then it could be pretty minor but if it occurred after the

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus touchscreen is not working

When your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus touchscreen is not working anymore, it could be a sign of a firmware problem or it points to a hardware issue being the cause. But the thing is, when it’s a hardware problem, more often, you can see some signs of traces of physical damage and since we’re talking