Some AT&T Users Seeing Delays in Getting Group Text and MMS

Some users on AT&T’s network are reportedly seeing delays in receiving group text and MMS. The issue appears to be widespread with people discussing it on multiple dedicated carrier pages on Reddit. AT&T hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet, but it is assumed that this is caused by excessive load on its servers as several Americans

AT&T Adds 10 New Cities to Its 5G Coverage List

AT&T has just added 5G in 10 cities, taking the tally to 35 cities in the U.S. However, speeds will only be sparsely available for the users, as is the case with 5G connectivity in the rest of the U.S. AT&T customers can access 5G in the following regions starting right away: Cleveland, OH Menlo

LG Stylo 5+ Won't Charge

AT&T Bound LG Neon Plus Spotted in a New Leak

A new LG mid-ranger headed towards AT&T has been spotted by Android Headlines. The smartphone is known simply as the “Neon Plus”, a name that was previously associated with LG’s slider and flip phones from around 10 years ago. The leak appears to be a user manual type of a document revealing the standard functions

AT&T Will Now Validate Its Users’ Calls to Combat Robocalls

In a bid to combat robocallers that mask themselves as legitimate users, AT&T has now announced that it will validate callers to make sure you know you’re getting a call from a legitimate person. This service will be made available to the customers at no cost and is part of the AT&T Call Protect service.

AT&T Unveils 5G Maps Ahead of Consumer Rollout

Up until now, AT&T has only offered 5G+ networks to its business customers. However, the carrier is shortly going to expand this to regular customers as well, bringing another major carrier into the 5G fold. Well, to celebrate the launch of its consumer 5G network, the company has published a 5G map of every city

Where Can You Get AT&T 5G?

Everyone is racing to be the first carrier with true 5G technology lit up all over the country. 5G is significantly quicker than 4G LTE, but there are still some roadblocks to it. AT&T is still, as quickly as possible, lighting up the nation with 5G; however, 5G isn’t so popular from a consumer standpoint.

Best 4G LTE-capable Android tablets available today stateside

Though tablets are a great companion for practically anyone, it comes with a few limitations, particularly if it’s WiFi only. However, 4G LTE equipped cellular tablets have been around for quite some time now, so it’s understandable if you’re spoilt for choice right now. Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about some of

Best rugged Android smartphones money can buy

If you are looking for a rugged phone, you can toss around in the mud and go to battle within the trenches, then continue below for our list of best rugged smartphone available.  But if you don’t crawl around in the mud all day for a living, we would highly suggest the Cat S60 for


AT&T Looking to Offer Free HBO Max Subscriptions to Some Users

According to WarnerMedia CEO John T. Stankey, HBO Max subscriptions will be available to around 10 million AT&T customers at launch. This will only be applicable to existing users of HBO’s paid services in the U.S. For those unaware, AT&T owns WarnerMedia which is a media conglomerate consisting of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. The

AT&T and T-Mobile Customers Will Now Receive Lesser Robocalls

AT&T and T-Mobile have come together to offer cross-network call authentication technology for its customers in the U.S. This will allow proper screening of robocalls and hopefully reduce the menace to a great extent. This tech makes use of the popular SHAKEN/STIR standard, which provides a prompt or notification prior to receiving a robocall. This


AT&T Could Bring Live Sports and News to HBO Max

In an investor’s call today, AT&T has talked about its plans for HBO Max, the company’s new streaming service which is set to debut in 2020. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told the investors that the company “ultimately” plans to include live TV like sports and some news channels to HBO Max over the course of

AT&T Now Has 5G Coverage in 20 Cities

With the 5G wars currently heating up in the U.S. mobile industry, carriers are vying to get the blazing fast data network to as many cities as possible. Given that the technology kicked off this year, not all of the U.S. is covered with 5G. However, AT&T is on its course to a big expansion

Galaxy S10 Front

AT&T’s Galaxy S10 5G Will Go on Sale Next Week

AT&T is spilling the beans on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and it’s not very good news for those waiting. Well, while the carrier did confirm the phone’s arrival, it also mentioned that the Galaxy S10 5G will be limited to business customers and those interested in the AT&T development program, which mostly covers developers.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

AT&T Cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Following weeks of delays that left a big question mark on the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, AT&T has finally pulled the plug on its pre-orders today. The carrier will reportedly send a cancellation notice via email to all customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold. To make up for this mess, AT&T is also

Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving calls similar to the problem which was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “My Samsung Galaxy S3 is not receiving calls. I get everything else but it does not even show that I received a call. I do get voice mail and text messages