AT&T Cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Following weeks of delays that left a big question mark on the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, AT&T has finally pulled the plug on its pre-orders today. The carrier will reportedly send a cancellation notice via email to all customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold. To make up for this mess, AT&T is also offering a $100 gift card that can be redeemed with the carrier.

It’s unclear as to what led to the delay and subsequent cancellation of the Galaxy Fold, although we’ve been seeing indications of this for quite some time now. Samsung remained insistent that the smartphone would hit shelves, only to find American retailer Best Buy cancelling its pre-orders for the device. So this move by AT&T is not uncharacteristic and could only set the tone for other carriers and retailers to follow suit.

The Galaxy Fold is a very promising device, offering a foldable display for an audience that is still pretty much getting used to notches and hole punch cameras. Understandably, producing the device in large enough quantities proved to be a challenge for Samsung. Yet another foldable phone, the Huawei Mate X is in the works right now, although it may never make it to U.S. shores pending the ban on the company’s products in the region.

Samsung hasn’t mentioned if it plans to relaunch the device anytime soon, so we’re not holding our breath right now. Did you pre-order the Galaxy Fold on AT&T? Have you received the dreaded email yet?

Via: Tom’s Guide

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