Some AT&T Users Seeing Delays in Getting Group Text and MMS

  • Some users on AT&T’s network are reportedly seeing delays in receiving group text and MMS.
  • The issue appears to be widespread with people discussing it on multiple dedicated carrier pages on Reddit.
  • AT&T hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet, but it is assumed that this is caused by excessive load on its servers as several Americans have stayed indoors.

It’s no secret that a majority of the U.S. is staying indoors right now to stay safe from the coronavirus. Seems like this has had an impact on AT&T’s servers with some customers claiming that group texts, as well as MMS, takes quite a bit of time to be delivered to other members of the group.

While some of the complaints on forums like Reddit suggest that this occurs only when non-AT&T members are involved in the group, there are other users who find the issues on AT&T networks as well, which basically means the carrier is at fault here. However, given the load and stress expected at this time on its servers, these issues are somewhat understandable. It is hoped that the carrier fixes this quickly as several medical staff and first responders may rely on AT&T networks to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Other carriers are expected to see some network issues over the coming days, but one would hope that they will be well prepared to take on the additional traffic on their servers. Recently, America’s top carrier Verizon offered 15GB of free data to its customers while waiving late fees for select account holders.

AT&T hasn’t mentioned if the issue with the delay in group text/MMS delivery will be resolved soon, but let’s just hope it’s only a temporary hiccup by the carrier.

Are you facing similar issues while on AT&T’s networks? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Central

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