AT&T’s Galaxy S10 5G Will Go on Sale Next Week

AT&T is spilling the beans on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and it’s not very good news for those waiting. Well, while the carrier did confirm the phone’s arrival, it also mentioned that the Galaxy S10 5G will be limited to business customers and those interested in the AT&T development program, which mostly covers developers.

This pretty much means that non-Business customers who are willing to pay a high-price for the phone will not be able to. We don’t quite understand this by AT&T, but perhaps the network wants to make sure its 5G networks are not overused across the country. Perhaps things will be a little tolerable when 5G rollout spreads further in the U.S., hopefully in time for the Galaxy S11 or even the Galaxy Note 10 in a few months.

Most carriers are rolling out 5G networks sparingly, which also means that there are several devices in the market today with no support for 5G networks. The standard Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a 4G/3G chip inside, and given the talk in the industry about 5G, it’s understandable why Samsung decided to release a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 in the U.S. markets.

The only respite for standard customers who want the Galaxy S10 5G is to keep an eye out on third-party retailer stores, as you never know when the variant might be available, even by accident. However, if you are a business customer or a developer interested in AT&T’s development program, the Galaxy S10 5G will be available for purchase starting Monday, June 17.

Were you looking forward to trying out the Galaxy S10 5G?

Source: AT&T

Via: Phandroid

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