AT&T Unveils 5G Maps Ahead of Consumer Rollout

Up until now, AT&T has only offered 5G+ networks to its business customers. However, the carrier is shortly going to expand this to regular customers as well, bringing another major carrier into the 5G fold. Well, to celebrate the launch of its consumer 5G network, the company has published a 5G map of every city where it’s going to be available, letting customers know exactly where they can find 5G on AT&T.

It’s also worth noting that there will be a significant difference in terms of speed with the consumer rollout as the company is using its low-band (sub-6) 5G networks while business customers received the 5G+ (mmW) network. While the latter offers excellent speed, it can falter with obstacles in its way.

The (sub-6) 5G network, on the other hand, should go out to larger areas and offer relatively unchanged speeds all throughout. So for reference, the 5G speeds you get here may not be much faster than the 4G LTE speeds you may get on AT&T’s networks. But 5G is certainly the future, and regular AT&T customers finally have a chance to try it out.

Recently, Verizon also unveiled its 5G maps revealing street by street details of where you can get 5G connectivity. So which devices can currently access this low-band 5G network on AT&T? Well, the company is launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on November 25, so customers should be able to get in on AT&T’s 5G networks immediately.

AT&T’s low band 5G networks will be first available in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, as well as San Diego. Shortly after, the network will switch on in Boston, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New York City, San Francisco, Birmingham, Bridgeport, Conn., Buffalo, Louisville, and San Jose. The company expects to commence a nationwide rollout by 2020.

Via: Droid Life

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