AT&T Could Bring Live Sports and News to HBO Max

In an investor’s call today, AT&T has talked about its plans for HBO Max, the company’s new streaming service which is set to debut in 2024. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told the investors that the company “ultimately” plans to include live TV like sports and some news channels to HBO Max over the course of its launch.

While this could potentially mean the inclusion of MLB, NBA, NHL and top live news channels, there’s no specificity on what options will be on offer. He further added that the official unveiling of HBO Max will happen on October 29 during the AT&T Investor Day.

The arrival of HBO Max will be highly anticipated for AT&T as its existing streaming service DirecTV Now continues to lose customers in an alarming rate. However, other streaming platforms like Netflix aren’t exactly faring better, thanks largely to the increase in subscription pricing as well as the removal of a few shows from the platform.

AT&T does have an advantage with HBO Max as it will have access to HBO’s studios which is known for its high production value and critically acclaimed movies and TV shows. While we’re still some distance away from seeing HBO Max in action, it’s good to know what the future holds for the streaming industry.

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Via: The Verge

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