Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 not receiving calls similar to the problem which was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag, which reads, “My Samsung Galaxy S3 is not receiving calls. I get everything else but it does not even show that I received a call. I do get voice mail and text messages though. I turned it off and took the battery out but the problem is still there. Please help.”

How to Troubleshoot a Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

The common causes of this type of problem may lie in the SIM card or the network. First, try to remove the SIM card and reinsert it to see whether it solves the problem. Check also if inserting another SIM card will help fix the issue. We recommend using a SIM card that runs on your carrier’s network and another that runs on another carrier’s network (provided that your phone is not locked to a specific carrier).

Replace your SIM card if you find that it is the one causing the problem or contact your network if using another SIM card seems to solve the issue.

Other Fixes to a Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls

It should be noted that upon looking at the forum of AT&T, some subscribers complained that they only got the problem when they updated their firmware to the 4.3 version.

Contributors in the forum suggested the following solutions that might possibly fix the problem:

1. Disable LTE

  • While the phone is powered on, remove its back cover and eject the SIM card.
  • The phone will prompt a restart once it detects the absence of the SIM card, so simply restart it.
  • Once the device is powered on, dial *#2263#.
  • Choose WCDMA and WCDMA All.
  • Put back the SIM card to its slot.
  • Reboot the Galaxy S3.

2. Run Device on 3G and Add New APN

This solution has been accepted by the forum but the contributor noted that dropped calls still persist, although the rate is much lower after performing the following steps:

  • Download 4G Toggle in Google Play store.
  • Switch from 4G to 3G.

Alternatively, you can use this method if you do not want to use the recommended app or the problem is not fixed after using it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Choose Mobile Networks.
  • Proceed to Access Point Names.
  • Enter a new APN by naming it according to your preference and it should be defined as wap.cingular.
  • Save the configuration.

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Source: AT&T Forum

TheDroidGuy Mailbag

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10 thoughts on “Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Receiving Calls”

  1. Your directions to navigate the settings couldn’t get me to where you said it would. So my phone still won’t ring in.

  2. This article solved my problem. My phone was not receiving calls even though I could make calls and send and receive text. I thought it was my carrier so I switched carriers and did a number port, but the problem persisted. After buying the new sim and porting my number I did a google search, found this article and I tried method 1 on my unlocked Note 3 from At&T and it fixed the incoming call problem. After dialing “*#2263#”, seven options appeared, I first chose “[5]WCDMA/GSM Mode Only” and I started receiving calls but mobile data was really slow (Edge) and I couldn’t download multimedia text message. So, I started trying the other options and ended with option: “[7] LTE/GSM Mode Onlyl(*)”. By choosing this option I am receiving calls plus I get 4G LTE. Great article. Thank you.

  3. It so happens that my phone is a Samsung S 3 mini android 4.4.2 with an ATT account. It will accept calls but it routinely drops calls (by replacing the phone screen w/ another phone screen, and the other caller can’t hear me while I can hear him; and NOT because I’m muting the phone!) and internet connections. I’ve talked to ATT about it, Samsung, Google Android and received a hundred answers, none of which worked. This “wap.cingular” stuff you mention includes a… How does that fit in with Samsung, ATT, Android. Very puzzled… (later)… Now I’ve gotten as far as the “edit access point” screen in Settings; it has dozens of articles in it. Under what title do I “Enter a new APN by naming it according to your preference”. And will this change or endanger any settings or features I currently have? If it turns out to be problematic, how do I revert to the setting I had before I changed it? Thank you, G.C.

  4. I did as you said. Popped the sims card out and followed your instructions. It worked beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. I didn’t know what was wrong with it. I thought i had to buy a new phone. Thanks again for the help.

  5. Make/Model: Samsung Galaxy S3 (SPH-L710T)
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Hardware Version: L710T.3
    Software Version: L710TVPU0ANF4
    Carrier: Boost Mobile (Sprint)

    I got the S3 originally about 2 months ago and, about 10 days ago, it stopped ringing. I got texts, emails, and other alarms fine but:
    – Calls went stright to VM without ringing
    – VM notification was silent and only came through as the icon in the status bar
    – I have no third party apps for call, text, or notification modification or enhancment (using only native)

    I checked all sound settings, tried changing ring tones to a different stock tone as well as a custom all to no avail. I took it in yesterday and they did the following:
    – Firmware and software updates (no change)
    – Factory Reset (no change)

    I was given a new phone and it worked fine…until mid day today. No I am experiencing the exact same situation as previously explained.

    I was following the directions above but have a few problems (the directions either do not match the capabilities of the phone or I cannot find a SIM card slot, only the Micro SD and following the directions using that do not result in any of the same responses from the phone).

    If anyone knows how to correct this, has any leads on how to correct it, or can give me any guidance at all I would appreciate it. At this point in time I am ready to recommend to the world that Samsung phones be used for nothing more than an expensive toy or a paper weight because they suck as a phone.

  6. do not like how anyone can see my texts even on a lock screen when all
    you have to do is slid your thumb over to the other side of the phone..
    with the old update it was called text preview and it made it so i would
    not have to unlock my phone to see the texts.. but i like my privacy
    and would like to know how i can turn it off? i have tried everything. I
    wish i never updated it to the kitkat.

  7. i have my S3 for about 2 years now but I haven’t encountered this issue yet.
    A sporadic issue like this seems to be limited to phones equipped with LTE capability as far as I know.

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