AT&T Will Now Validate Its Users’ Calls to Combat Robocalls

In a bid to combat robocallers that mask themselves as legitimate users, AT&T has now announced that it will validate callers to make sure you know you’re getting a call from a legitimate person. This service will be made available to the customers at no cost and is part of the AT&T Call Protect service.

For the time being, AT&T is only offering support for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and the LG V40. However, AT&T mentions that other devices will also get the update eventually.

So how does this feature work? Well, AT&T will try to verify a number on its own and add it to its database to ensure that other users can be helped. AT&T uses the industry-standard STIR/SHAKEN technology to achieve this, which was developed by the telecom industry for this very purpose.

If you can’t wait to enable this on your device, AT&T mentions that you can try it out by going to account settings or downloading the AT&T Call Protect app from the Play Store, which is free. Other users may have to wait for a firmware update from the device manufacturer or AT&T to enable this feature on their compatible devices.

This could go a long way in making sure users only receive legitimate calls on their phones. While it’s hard to stop spoofing altogether, a feature like this is certainly a good place to start. AT&T and T-Mobile collectively started using the technology back in October this year, and this appears to be an extension of that.

What do you make of this new feature?

Source: AT&T

Via: Droid Life

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